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sharing stories while rummaging through old clothes

What started out as Spring cleaning over the spring break week - you know, hang up bright Spring colors to liven up the place from winter.... has actually turned into a colossal cleaning - so much so that we've actually looked at the possibility of moving! Have we really outgrown our space? It's hard to believe that's the case. And I don't think it is. What is however, is letting go.


In consigning some of the children's Spring clothing from last year, Ava stumbled upon some of her favorite dresses. She grabbed onto these tightly and made a pretending "wailing" noise.


Then Noah clued in and pulled one out right from under her and ran, teasing her, "Ava... look what I've got?"...



Ava was so funny about it. She turned and ran right after him. As soon as she got one dress, Noah picked up another favorite. What was a huge draining experience, cleaning, hanging, ticketing, and pinning the clothes for the consignment sale, actually turned into a little bit of whimsical fun. The kids chased each other round the dinner table, hid among piles of clothes, and in between breaks, asked, "Mom. Did I wear this when I was a baby?"

And so the stories were shared. Needless to stay, another storage bin has been filled with items the kids (and I) couldn't part with. In fact, I ended up consigning Ava's first birthday dress and regretted it. I went to the sale and lucky me, it was still there! When Ava asked me about the dress, I told her I was saving it for.  

Ava said, "that's so nice of you to save it for my daughter." 

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