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nowrouz 2011 celebrated

Happy Nowrouz! This past Sunday, we celebrated Nowrouz, which literally translates to "New Light" - and is a Persian holiday commemorating the first day of Spring/birth of new life/and New Year! I personally enjoy recognizing "New Year" on this day instead of the cold of January - because it really does feel like a new beginning today. I've started "spring cleaning" around the house {still a work in progress} which is also a customary thing to do in preparation - as well as giving each other gifts, buying new clothes, and visiting relatives and friends. 

Traditionally, I remember from my childhood sitting up late at night and peeling dried fruits for the Haft Mēwa or "Seven Fruits" dish we would make with pistachios, almonds, walnuts, raisins, and so on. But since my nephew is allergic to nuts, we skipped this and instead jumped into more child/spring friendly activities associated with this time of year... yep, an egg hunt, coloring, and confetti bash...

egg hunt

egg hunt

egg hunt

egg hunt

coloring eggs

egg confetti

egg confetti

egg confetti

For their gift baskets this year, I went with an earthy/Spring theme, and found some garden gloves, shovels, rakes, and books about earth day... Fancy Nancy Every Day is Earth Day for Ava and Noah got a younger version called I'm Not Too Little To Help The Earth, with moving tabs and sensory pages.

When we got home, we took advantage of what was left of the daylight, and started planting our new "garden." The kids picked out plants from the nursery {tomatoes, strawberries, lemons} and Aaron and I added green onion seeds {these grow great in this climate} and cilantro {a salad staple}.

Planting the tomatoes

As they sowed their seeds into the dirt, we talked about the delicate process and patience it takes to bring them to life. Just as the New Year - today - marks a new beginning, so too does the deepening understanding that no matter where we are in our lives, we should take great care with what we are given - be responsible and respectful of ourselves, our environments, and most graciously, of time...

Green onions


  1. Happy Nowrouz :D

    I'm doing my spring cleaning too.

  2. Happy Nowrouz my love.

    What a wonderful weekend! We could not have asked for better weather to enjoy the celebration. I love how you are able to, as a writer, take an event like this and just make it 'make sense'.

    The whole theme of the day with the new year, and the new season - and the new beginning. Even though it is just a flower garden - there is a strong correlation of what we are trying to do as a family raising our children.

    Be patient.
    Take care of those things we hold dear.
    Be responsible.
    Be respectful.
    And never take for granted.

    Love the post!

  3. Dear Zarlacht,

    I'm visiting your blog for a while and i must say i'm enjoying every single post! First of all you have the most beautiful kids namekhuda! They are unbelievable cute!
    It's amazing to read how you and your husband raise your children. You are such a inspiration...!

    love all the way from Europe!

  4. Thanks so much Giozi - how's your cleaning going? Mine is taking forever. I've realized that I'm too sentimental and can't get rid of stuff. I'm organizing things we don't even use.

    Aaron - I can't do this without you. You are a blessing!

    Anonymous from Europe! Welcome!! Thank you so much for reading The Art of Family and leaving a comment today. To be an inspiration for other families - that's the biggest compliment we could hope for. Thank you so much!!


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