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my best friend's wedding

Karen & Zarlacht - Kindergarten

Karen and I have known each other since the age of 2. Both of our families immigrated to the US in 1979, and we became instant friends. Best friends. My childhood was spent every day with Karen, and we have shared many wonderful memories - memories of how I think childhood should be... climbing trees, swinging off of branches, making mud pies, dancing in rain storms, collecting lady bugs... and so on. We did everything together... But we also couldn't be more different - and that's what I love so much about who we are... and who we have grown up to be. After kindergarten, Karen and her family moved back to Brazil for a few years, then came back and settled in FL. We moved too, but we've stayed in touch through letters, phone calls, and visits  over the course of 32 years and counting...

This past weekend, she got married. And it was a very special celebration - after all, she is half Brazilian and half Argentinean! This is a photo of her and her Dad Hector - which completely summarizes their relationship - laughter. I can't think of any other father/daughter relationship that is this strong in their adult years. Hector by trade, is a gem craftsman, designing luxurious jewelry. But the greatest and most priceless jewel he has ever helped create - is his daughter, and I know he couldn't be any prouder of this moment.

Karen's Wedding

Beatriz is like a mother to me. She can find humor in everything she does, and has a heart of gold. Both her parents love Gabriel like the son they never had. He's a charmer, hard worker, and so in love with my best friend, and so I have come to love him too. I wish I had more pictures, but I was in the wedding and soaked up every second I could. I can't say that I have ever seen a wedding like hers... capturing the spirit of exactly who Karen is - intimate, loving, and oh... so very funny!

Karen's Wedding

I was fortunate to have my Mom with me - we made a "girls" weekend out of it - because Beatriz and my Mom were best friends too. Having Mom alone to myself was such a valuable and memorable gift. It's so rare to be able to let go of home life, kids, husband, and do things like this. But this weekend made me realize - I need to do more of them! True, I missed my love bugs very much. But I also know that I miss my Mom {even though we see each other every week} - there's something special about "getting away" together and just being ourselves.


We hit some sights in Miami, Bayside, Hollywood... souvenir shopping for our love bugs back home and wrapped up a perfectly fantastic mother/daughter weekend {no arguments either!} I simply love our growing bond, understanding of each other, and expectations. Still, she'll tell me what she thinks - and I'll do the same - and I guess in our perfect world - that makes perfect sense.

Hollywood Beach

Mom - you are the best a daughter could ever ask for - I love you!

Congratulations Karen & Gabriel - I can't wait to see the video and pictures and share with everyone here. xoxo


  1. First. Your boy is your clone :)

    How beauty frienship. I have a friend from pre-school and we keep in touch by mails and facebook :)

    Ohh where are you from?

  2. Another thing. Do you live in Miami? My brother lives ther in Westchester.

  3. Haha - thanks Giozi - I think Noah is my clone too! Although he has a much "cooler" personality than I do :)

    and no, sadly we don't live in Miami :( We're in cowboy country, Texas!

  4. It is truly wonderful to have best friends and long time friends like that. I am grateful to be blessed by both.

  5. Tell Karen CONGRATULATIONS! I hope she made you wear a margarita dress. ha ha ha. So glad you were able to attend and have tons of fun with your Mom. Karen looks so beautiful.We must have Zarlacht's bridesmaids reunion someday. Post pics of Miami. love and miss ya!


  6. LOL! I know, if I could take that back Saralee, I would! We all wore what ever we wanted - I'm also waiting for the pics. Will share as soon as I get them. Oh - and a bridesmaid reunion - now why haven't I thought of that idea!?!

  7. Yes, tell Karen Congrats! That's wonderful that you and your Mom were there, what a fun trip it must have been for you both!

    Much love,

  8. I am so glad you were able to make this trip with your Mom. As we all know, spending time with our parents can never be replaced and there will never be enough opportunities.

    Congratulations Karen! I am looking forward to meeting Gabriel.


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