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thankful wreaths

Thankful Wreaths

After a walk in the neighborhood collecting leaves and acorns, A & N made thankful wreaths in the art room. We are thankful every day - and attempt to share these at the dinner table - but this is one way to capture them into an activity, and for the scrapbooks.

What Ava is Thankful For

Ava is practicing her writing, so she wrote this herself: What Ava is Thankful for: Mom, Family, Dad, The World, Disney Princess, Noah, Friends, Hana & Niko.
{Drats - the "Disney Princesses" made it onto this list!}

What Noah is Thankful For

What Noah is Thankful for: My whole Family, ice cream, Dad, Trains & Trucks, Zoe, Bike, Ava, Mom, Cars.

Such a sweet snapshot of what the kids are thinking about isn't it? It made me realize that the wreath was too small for this type of project. Next fall... we're going to work on making a tree to fill with "thankful" leaves, so the kids could add to it through out the season. Or better yet, now that I'm thinking about it out loud - we should start on the first day of Spring - when life returns back into nature. We could keep adding to it throughout the year, and come next Thanksgiving, reflect on everything the kids are thankful for... Oh yes - I'm liking this idea much better. Now hold me to it!

For this quick activity - all you need is colorful construction paper, a paper plate, some glue, and markers. This is perfect for the kids to do while you're preparing your Thanksgiving spreads, or afterwards as a family. Enjoy!


  1. I LOVE your Thankful Tree idea. And I really love seeing lists of things kids are thankful for. So often they remember to be thankful for the smaller, seemingly trivial things things that adults would pass over. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  2. The wreaths are precious, love it!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you guys!

    Much love,


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