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taking math to the board


Math. Not my greatest {nor favorite} subject - but I know I can't let my bias become Ava's - especially if she's welcomed it herself... spatting off math problems in the car. Mom - can you count to 100? Because I can! Mom, did you know that 12 plus 12 is 24! and so on...

The abacus - once a decorative wooden toy that went so well with the "playroom" is now being used as it should be - to solve math problems. Move 6 here... and 4 here... and you get?...
But Ava doesn't like to stop and do this prep work. Until she gets the answer wrong - she'll unwillingly drag herself to the table to take the slower approach. What is it about math and speed?


They inherently go hand in hand. Processing math equations is a way for our minds to speak for itself - placing the facts together in an order that will give us the answer faster. And it is in this final answer that gives us confidence. And this is such a great way to build more of - with our children. It takes time, and a lot of patience - but when you start out with an attitude that it's actually "fun" - like solving a mystery! Ava is all for it - taking her time to connect her curvy 8's and draw 4's that shines big {like herself}.

So when I think of pre-math skills, and its importance to develop with care - I think of how I can make this fun for her, knowing who she is, and how best she learns.

For Ava, that means spending time together. There's achievement cheers at the end, and there's scrunchy noises in the process. And there is almost always - a laugh at the end - so that we can both look forward to doing it again, tomorrow...

More Math Fun:
There's some great counting activities listed here, as well as a smart article written by moi. {smiling}... and even more counting, plus download-able math worksheets to practice.

And I have to applaud the many parents out there who take the time to share their lessons and fun activity ideas on their blogs. Here are some great ones:

ABC and 123 Learning, The Adventures of Bear, and Let's Play Math.

In the meantime, here's a great song from one of our favorite books to get your math energy going:


  1. Zar-
    I love that you took time to blog on this! I remember just a few weeks ago when I spent a lovely evening with your kiddos and how impressed I was with how their number skills! Of course, Ava took the lead when counting, but Noah was so quick to follow- and they kept going and going, counting and counting! I absolutely love the way you capture this moment in time and that you have taken note of Ava's interest in numbers - especially the way you describe her attention to detail when making her eights. I can remember doing the same thing when I was a child. I am with you- numbers aren't my forte', but as always you take a creative approach to get people engaged- lucky Ava! Just like you have encouraged me to do in my own projects, your words paint the picture and make me feel as if I were right there with you and Ava. It is such a joy to read your posts, see your pictures and have the opportunity to share the ride with you through this blog. I hope to see you all soon and look forward to having Ava give me a run for my money with my own math skills. XOXO, KB

  2. Katie - you are a gem of a friend. Thank you soo much for taking the time here to share such sweet, sweet words (I have the fuzzy feeling all over).... It's one thing to have a date night with Aaron, but the real treat for me AND the kids - was having "Aunt Katie" - where they got all of your love, laughs, and beauty wrapped up into a fun night - that is cherished (oh their memories are so sharp!) I wish I could have been there to take pictures!

    A moment etched into my memory forever is when I first walked into the house and saw you on the couch with the kids. And of course, our coffee and chat after wards - all moments I am blessed to have.

    Math is not the most attractive subject I know - but it truly helps when we can tap into their creative sides and connect at the level where their minds are the most receptive. There are times when I pull out my math tricks, and Ava would rather doodle in her books. I have to remember that this is about her, and say, "ok, maybe later." Then figure out how we can doodle together with numbers! (Hee-hee). That's what I mean by "math tricks" - and honestly, this applies to all learning. They say - learning should be fun. But I think most people forget that. I do too sometimes. But more often than not, I let them guide their own learning. It's much, much, more fun for the both of us that way.

    I'm so glad you're here! Thanks for reading, appreciating, and commenting (I'll be glowing all day :) XO!


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