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co-sleeping... a royal pain

This is how a princess sleeps... until 10am. Tucked in all white and protected by goose down comforters and pillows... MY goose down feathers. Yep, this is our bed, and there's a "princess" in it...


And this is where the queen sleeps - On a tempurpedic $100+ pillow that gets thrown on the floor in the middle of the night and Zoe, our vicious dog, takes over... and owns. Because if I dare try to pull it out from under her in the mornings, a bloody finger is certain.


This is how Noah sleeps... still very classy isn't it? He wakes up at the crack of dawn so that he can watch cartoons on the couch before Ava wakes up. Ah.... boys....


I don't condone co-sleeping with your children - but as of late, it's been a natural occurrence I'm afraid, and I'm too tired at night to try to remind everyone the rules. There's something about them growing up so fast that makes me carry them into our bedroom after they brush their teeth. It was easy before - books, bed, night light goes on... and good night! But now that they are a bit older, it's as if I can't get enough of them. We talk before sleeping, we say our prayers together... and the kids tuck their cold feet in between even warmer areas (usually my thighs). I've been loving going to bed like this for a few weeks now... except when I wake up.

Sandwiched between two snuggle bunnies - Aaron has to sometimes pull me out of bed by my ankles - which sounds easy and fun - but when you have a 10lb blanket to sludge out under from - it qualifies us for Cirque du Soleil performers. And once my butt hits the floor - hallelujah, I'm fully awake and ready to sip a latte and answer emails.
Thank you Aaron for helping to make mornings so welcoming for me. I could never do this without you.

So I know this is wrong, and co-sleeping - princess or not... my babies are growing! - shouldn't become the new norm and so habitually comforting (like brownies after midnight). But it is - and it feels good, to know that before I close my eyes, my other halves are nestled close by - and that they feel safe before they go into la-la land. That's what we want isn't it - as parents? For our kids to feel safe?

My mission - to get back on track, and reclaim my bedroom... to clear their heads from fear of the dark (darn all you Halloween cartoons), and longing for their own big beds to sprawl out in. That shouldn't be too difficult... right?


  1. HI Z!! This post is so beautiful! And the pictures of Ava and Noah are just great!! India sleeps with me too (I'm alone on my bed so it's easy) and I love to tell her a story and end my days talking with her about what happen to us during that day.... Do you know that, in India, children sleep with their moms till they are around 5? Is because they remember older lifes and they have bad dreams and need to be near their moms to feel safe....I feel that they grow up so fast that a couple of years sleeping with us in our beds is a gift. They'll have a whole life to sleep alone in their own beds...
    Have a great sunday!!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing here Gabriela - I had no idea about the culture in India - how wonderful! I just learning something.

    They do grow up so very fast don't they? It was easier for me when they were infants, because I usually worked at night after they went to bed.

    But now, they are constantly in motion - talking and sharing ideas and wonders - that tickle me soo much, that they are the ones I long to hold and close my eyes with to end a perfect day.

    Thanks so much for sharing and the sweet compliments! xo

  3. The drawback to co-sleeping is when i wake up at 2 in the morning to find that both kids have rotated 90 degrees and are now perpendicular to Zarlacht and have, in the process, scooted me to the edge of the bed.

    With no blanket.

    Luckily, there are 2 other beds in the house that I can move to that aren't being used.

  4. Good LUCK!

    Yea, seriously, though mine do not fall asleep in our bed, they end up somehow in it- all cuddled up next to mommy and daddy- in the middle of the night, and like you, I am just too tired to remind them to go back to bed, end even when I'm not, I just want them near by. They are growing up too fast. *sigh* (But, I also need my sleep. Hehehe.)


Thanks for sharing - I will respond to your comment here as well so check back! xo


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