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taking time to pause... and dance

Thursday?? Hello there. This has been an exceptional week - between the weather cooling down, work to tie up - and sleep to make up from an all-nighter.... I have been doing a lot of this and that...

At home, when I stop and look around, how did everything get so misplaced? Where did all this laundry come from? And why is the sink full of pots and pans? From Sunday?? Really?? Sunday, when I spent more than 5 hours cleaning. Every day - the inside scape of our home takes on a new look. And to me, it means we've created new things. Played with different toys. And jumped on the beds a few too many times. When Ava rummaged through her closet, I took a deep breath and started to put things away. In the midst of hanging up clothes, putting back her toys and books on her shelf, she found her Afghan dress and asked to put it on. You're suppose to help me Ava, I'd say. But her jittery twirls won me over, and I pulled the dress over her, thinking I bought myself some time to organize the rest of her closet.

But then she wanted her CD that we play in the car. That's in the garage. On the other side of the house. With her clothes still in my hands, I sighed trekking to the garage, grabbed the CD, and tuned it to her favorite song so that she could dance. Once the music started playing, and the kids threw themselves a party - in the space I was trying to re-organize, I knew the invitation included me...

And that's how so much of our time is spent isn't it? Riddled with so much to do - like a balloon that's ready to pop - the air inside it should be accounted for. Our days have to be accounted for. The kids are growing up soo fast. And although it may take me a few days to get the laundry put away, or a client's project finished - I'm content knowing that the reason why is because of time spent together. Sometimes we prompt these kind of moments - but most of the time, Ava & Noah remind us, tug at us, and invite us... to dance...

and for that - my balloon will always float.


  1. Beautiful post! I know exactly what you're talking about; I feel like I've lived through those very same moments so many times. Why is it that the things that seem so pressingly important at the time -- like cleaning up, laundry, running errands -- can so easily overshadow what is really most important, which is as you say, time spent together?

  2. It's a lovely post Z!!! They are beautiful!!! I loved to be able to see them, we are much closer now!!! warmly


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