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teaching with a new friend

When it comes to teaching and strengthening our children's educational skills - we've turned to many of the essential teaching tools - flash cards, preschooler workbooks, even computer games - but the most fun and creative - are in just the day-to-day experiences - like when we collect leaves, or analyze how many noodles need to be eaten before getting 4 scoops of vanilla ice cream {smile}.

To extend that natural learning, where they themselves initiate questions, answers, and activity ideas, I bought a Melissa & Doug princess puppet - a princess for the simple fact that Ava seems to be very tuned into crown wearing gals these days - and a puppet, because I wanted to introduce a new way of teaching and practicing the concepts we're learning. Little did I know how quickly both Ava and Noah would receive this golden-haired royalty- where she has taken on the role as their teacher, classmate, and even a new friend...


She's also a great storyteller - even if she needs help pronouncing the words - "What's that word..p...pp...?" - and the kids shout, "pocket!" like in the book, A Pocket for Corduroy. The princess also helps them explore what's happening on the pages by asking questions - What are laundromats? How do dryers work?

Not only do they listen intently to the story being read by a new friend, but they are also engaged by teaching her in return - pointing out interesting facts or sharing what they themselves think happened or want her to know.


I am thrilled to welcome this little "princess" in our home - over any Disney figurine any day {where
we are talking about things that the kids are interested in - not reenacting scenes of a damsel in distress looking for her prince to rescue her}.

This kind of learning reminds me of my own learning, and how in Kindergarten, literacy came alive when I befriended the Letter People - remember those? I think its time I broke out the Letter People records {I scored a complete set at Half Price books!}

There is no doubt a very strong association children have at this age with characters that talk directly to them, and exchange ideas and lessons in a language and attitude that resonates with them the best - playfully...

and we are all absolutely loving it.


  1. Not having much experience with puppets growing up, I had to think or a bit on how I was going to incorporate this into our learning activities. It didn't take too long at all before the puppet princess sprang to life atop my hand... and the kids noticed a few things different right away when I was the one controlling the puppet.

    It's voice was a little different.
    It bit.
    It burped a few times.

    Aside from that.... pretty much the same!

    I think my favorite activity is having the puppet read. It can make a normal story into a more 'interactive' learning experience.

  2. My almost-three-year old is very into puppets right now, too (we have the Melissa and Doug cowgirl puppet, among others). It is so interesting how she reacts to the puppet as though it is a separate person -- and sometimes will tell the characters things that she wouldn't otherwise say to me.

  3. Exactly! I'm still surprised everyday when they ask, "Mommy, can you be puppet princess?" - this is one play toy that hasn't run out of flavor. And yes - our conversations are different too -

    What other puppets does your little one have? I was on the Melissa & Doug site this morning wondering if I should get a mate for the princess like a "male" puppet for Noah. The Knight perhaps?

    Thanks for commenting here Sara {themakinglife}!


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