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preparing for kindergarten

Counting down. In less than 1 month, Ava will start kindergarten - and I am more than just beside myself. The summer has taken up our days... with this or that. And when we pause, I remember, "Ava, we need to work on your workbooks right now!" Workbooks that help her practice cutting, matching, answer riddles, write her alphabet, count, and so on. Some times she finds it very boring. And her restlessness has her squirming in her chair, or day dreaming. She's easily distracted, and will ask me questions, and I have to help her refocus. Not always easy. In fact, I find myself huffing and puffing during these moments. Yesterday was one of those moments. She finished an entire notebook, skipping the coloring exercises. So when I asked her to go get her markers so she could finish - she came back like this:


We both laughed. So hard. And it made me realize that although I have been on this mad dash to make sure she's "prepared" for kinder, the most important thing we have to be prepared for - are knowing when to embrace moments like these.

I love you Ava. I know you will do a fantastic job in school. And I know, that your light-hearted, don't be so serious... make time for laughs and have fun, kind of attitude will serve you well for the rest of your life. Much more... than coloring inside the lines.

Even I am still learning that... I'm proud its from and with you, Ava.


  1. Ava is ready! I am so proud of her, you are absolutely right. Ava, you have a light hearted attitude that will get you so far in life. I learn something from you every time i see you.

  2. 1 month.
    I can't believe it.

    I hope Ava does take that attitude into school. I think i tried so hard to fit in and not get noticed, it probably kept me from having more fun. In the grand scheme of things, i don't think my grades would have suffered. (I wasn't making straight A's my whole life)


  3. What a wonderful article! It put a smile on my face. We all need reminders to embrace the simple joys of life!

    Thank you,
    Zarlacht and Ava!

  4. Thanks Roshana and Dave! She is such a sweet soul. Even as much as I share with others, to savor and embrace moments - I forget that when I'm struggling to "squeeze" it all in... in "time." But that's just it isn't it? Squeezing and time - we... and I can't forget to squeeze and make time to pause and laugh at ourselves. And mostly - together.

    Aaron - you didn't make straight A's your whole life? Just kidding. And look how smart you've turned out to be :) I love you!

  5. Oh, sigh...
    She is so great.
    I can't believe they have so many guidelines already in kindergarden!!! Here is a bit different, they only start using notebooks and homework when they are six (first grade of school here). Zoe is still in kinder (the last year, when they are five...) and they only play play play! They learn a LOT though, and it's not only play based. But they don't feel that they are learning, they are discovering! I love that. So I fear a bit the arrival of next year, when she has to go to "school"...
    Hang on, Zarlacht! Ava will be so cool at school...

  6. O my GoD AvA i love u so much!

  7. Thank you my dear Julie! So great to hear from you! I'm sighing so often these days too... I love how kinder in Argentina is about "discovering" - that's how childhood should be. It may be more us parents that are trying to squeeze in "readiness" and teach them as much as they can because their brains and energy can absorb and do so much. Here - schools are competitive. Whether that's academically or with athletics - children and their parents feel like they have to prove something. Be good, excel, at something or many things. They are tested, they compete in games - you name it. I hope we don't fall under that umbrella of thought - and instead help our kids grow, enjoy, and continuously discover and contribute in the world we live in - and not just here in our hometown... That's our goal anyway. Thanks so much Julie. I am hanging on tight as much as I can for this ride coming all too soon. xo!


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