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dining room redo

So.... back in November, I was craving a redo of our dining room. I had an inspiration board of sorts... and well - so much has happened between then and now... and finally, this past May, in time for Noah's birthday, we finished it. Well, most of it anyway.

This is what it looked like before...

Formal Dining

and here's where we are now...


More pics and details of how we pulled this together are posted in the homestyle section of our blog. It was an ambitious project to finish in less than 2 weeks...


  1. Oh wow! I love it! It feels so cool and inviting at the same time. I love the wall colors. I like how you went from an elegant and formal dinning room to an more informal room, yet with bits of glam here and there. I have to say- you have grate taste!!!!

  2. Thanks so much Lisa! You hit it right on the nail about transitioning from formal to informal - that's exactly what I was going for - and felt was missing from the space. I just don't get "formal" rooms. It seems like they are so standard in homes today - but for our lifestyle - everyone who come through our door - is like family. And they naturally head to the family room {center of the house} instead. Our meals happen more often in "breakfast room" instead of the dining table - because who wants to bust out with the Pledge after dinner each time? I knew once I found a sustainable, kid-friendly table - that the rest of the room would take shape. And it has. This is where we have our lunches and dinners now... play board games, and even tackle a sewing project now and then :) Thanks again!

  3. You guys did such an amazing job, the room is stunning! Loved seeing it in person, too!

  4. Thanks so much Corbin! Such a happier place now isn't it? We hope to get together with you both real soon!

  5. I loved the before dining room - elegant for formal thanksgiving dinners and yet the after dining room is so right for the everyday celebration. I know you worked very hard on the rooms and your vision took off so quickly thanks to yours and aaron's hard working hands .


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