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3 techniques, 2 days, 1 mr. seahorse

Inspired by this assignment from Deep Space Sparkle - a fantastic art blog - we set out to produce artwork like the great Eric Carle too. I thought this would be a fun project to try on this summer day - because A&N love Mr. Seahorse and it brings back memories of our beach trip.  The layers, techniques, and two-day process was part of the beauty of this art project. Most of the time when kids do "art" they have an idea in mind. Here, they discovered how "art" itself can be pieced together - to make even bigger art.

Jump over to our Creative Crafting corner to see how this:

Mr. Seahorse

turned into this:
Mr. Seahorse

Don't forget to jump over here!

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  1. Is really really pretty. Congratulations :D


Thanks for sharing - I will respond to your comment here as well so check back! xo


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