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kids make dinner: pizza pinwheels

Pinwheel Pizzas

Planning dinner sometimes feels like we're playing yahtzee - but instead of dice, thoughts of, "what to make... what to make?..." are tossed in our heads. Aaron's the chef in our household, but when you have a tough day at work, hit the pool with the kids after wards - there's little time left to prepare a hearty, nutritional, the kids-will-eat-it kind of a meal. Which is why recipes from websites like, mealsmatter.org - that are healthy and easy enough for the kids to help with - are a perfect go-to resource.

Pinwheel Pizzas

Jump for more pics of the kids making pizza pinwheels! It takes about 10 minutes to prepare 12 mini "pies" and just 6 minutes in the oven, leaving much more time for us to sit around the table together - and savor the dinner prepared by the kids much more...

You can use your own variation with what you have at home, but here's a quick recap of the ingredients we used using this recipe:

melted butter {Smart Balance}
1 package of English Muffins sliced in halves
1 jar of pizza sauce {or tomato sauce}
shredded mozzarella
toppings of your choice

With melted butter, the kids "painted" their muffins...

Pinwheel Pizzas

Then scooped spoonfuls of the pizza sauce {we added a bit of olive oil and garlic powder}.

Pinwheel Pizzas

Aaron chopped onions for Ava {her favorite topping} so she got teary while sprinkling her cheese...

Pinwheel Pizzas

Noah's favorite is black olives. As well as art. So he played with his food and made smiley faces on all 6 of his muffins, and called it " best friends."

pinwheel pizzas

How fun and easy was that?


  1. That website is one of my new favorites! Talk about easy! I think the fact that the kids prepared their own meals gave them an incentive to eat it. (plus those things were goood!)

    We subbed out the butter for 'Smart Balance' and had to get a little creative with the pizza sauce - aside from that, we just followed the steps on the website.

    Now - i need to find a way to make broccoli fun! (I think i need to stop and get some cheese on the way home.)

    Any kid friendly recipes or links are welcome, so share them if you have them.

  2. I freeze cooked ground beef in marinara sauce and use it for SOS meals

  3. A& N did a great job!

  4. Anonymous- That's a great idea! I'm thinking sloppy joes... a yummy macaroni... very quick and easy - thank you!


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