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just a cardboard box


Oh... the simple joys of a playing with a cardboard box! Ava came into the bedroom wanting to tell me about the weather - in a very reportedly way. So I found her empty radio box in the garage, cut out a "screen" and put it over her head. And just like that, she was reporting the weather from the tube. Its quite funny hearing her interpret the news - since we don't watch it at home. But she described the sunny day ahead very vividly, and flipped her "paper" to move on to the next topic.

The "TV" didn't have to be painted, or fancied up - kids see past these so quickly so that they can focus on the good stuff - the fun! With just a little creativity with what you already have at home (no store bought stuff) playtime using our imaginations - is indeed priceless. You might want to also grab your video camera too - oh the things they say....

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