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Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan couldn't have come at a more perfect time for us. We're all so blessed -- you and I. And I look forward to celebrating this joyous month with my family - and all of you. Ava and Noah, now that they are a tiny bit older, can understand some of the traditions celebrated globally, traditionally, and culturally. It's a fascinating time for all of us - historically. No matter what or where we are in life, the celebrations of Ramadan are as simple and divine -- everywhere.

It's a time for reflection -- nurturing our bodies and spirits.

A time for family -- respecting young and old alike, at home, in our communities, and around the world.

A time for clarity, purity, humility, love and grace -- to God.

A beautiful time indeed. From our family to yours - we wish you all a blessed month of peace, joy, good health and prosperity!


[Traditional Afghan clothes "Grandpa" bought back for us from one of his trips to Afghanistan]


  1. How exciting and wonderful for you to share this wonderful experience with us. Being a multicultural family ourselves, I always love to learn from other cultures and their traditions.

    You both look lovely in your traditional clothe.

  2. what a beautiful pic! can't wait to see you this weekend. xx

  3. Thanks Lisa! So glad you feel that way - Ramadan kind of crept up and in trying to get "ready" I thought the best way would be to go through it here, with my readers, and share the journey.

  4. We're so looking forward to our family time together with you all - it's been way too long. XX!

  5. Love the clothing! Tell your Dad "Where's mine?" If he wants me to be his nurse, he needs to pay up. Ha ha ha. Need to place that picture on a wall in your house. The clothing itself is a piece of art. Great detail.


  6. I actually did! I have one of Ava's Afghan dresses as part of our wall art above the Ramadan table. I figured I'd let her wear the others - for Eid!

    Dad's picky about the kind of dresses he buys. He said he actually has to tell the shopkeepers what colors he wants and they make it for him and have it ready by the time he leaves. I didn't get any new dresses this time when he returned though - bummer.

    And I did find websites that we can order them from - but the costs are outrageous compared to how much they cost there. Oh well...


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