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little things

It's the little things ... that Aaron does for us, every day - that I heart his soul.

Aaron took the kids out today, first to the zoo and then the bookstore, so that I could knock out some deadlines for work with uninterrupted time, and returned this evening with a particular book that I have been curious about for many months. Apparently the book will be publicly available tomorrow, but he somehow managed to convince the sales clerk to give him a copy tonight so that we both could unwind with a "good book" - something I've been wanting to do for a long time...

And here, Ava snaps this photo of me in my office, completely enthralled with Aaron's thoughtfulness and the anticipation of curling up with Handmade Home by one of my favorite mama bloggers out there, Amanda Blake Soule.


Soule's first book, The Creative Family, was a huge hit with mothers around the world, with her ideas and artistic photos for crafting a more creative way of life - together. Handmade Home is an extension of her inspiration, focusing more on the goodness filling our homes with things that are handmade can bring. I've started going through the book, and I love how she echoes how so many of us already live - appreciating the day-to-day little things we experience - that enrich our lives and how the beauty of creating with your hands for your home bring us full circle as a family.

As you've heard me say many times before, I cherish handmade... The process is priceless -your time, thoughts, conversations, and loved ones around you, creating with you - give its value.

And so... it really is the little things in life... and what we do at home, that Aaron gives me daily and spontaneously - like picking up this book for me... that I will cherish even more so. In fact, I'm pretty sure the moon out tonight is even a bit jealous...


  1. I have tried to comment on this about 5 times already and never really come up with the right words... but I'll shoot for number 6.

    This was a really special blog post for me, and not because it is about me... but about the 'little things' that I do 'sometimes'. I often feel like they are never enough. The date nights I don't always plan. The flowers I don't always buy. The weekend plans that never really come together... they are all things I know I should do better...

    ...but sometimes it is the small things i suppose that make up for (some) of those. I love you Zarlacht.

    On a side note... I seriously had to flirt with a guy to sell me that book 1 day before it was supposed to be on the shelves.


  2. Ha ha ha!
    I looooove to read one of your posts and find Aarons comments on them!!
    I recieved this book just this week, and I am loving it! I didn't read it yet, just browsed through it. But I love it.
    I appreciate those small things much better than the big ones. So, to keep Aaron selfconfident, you can tell him that the same happens to me with Oz, and I love him all the more for those things! And the big ones? I don't even notice their lack!

  3. Hey Julie! So funny to find you here posting after Aaron's comments! You are right - I love them too :)

    So glad you like the new book - although, I think I like her first one better. I do however love the dialogue in her new book - really emphasizing what and why we do the things we do for our families. Creating out of love - and giving it to people that we love, and so on...

    I'll tell Aaron that you also appreciate the little things in life - and that that is much more appreciated than the big ones. Funny you should say that you don't even notice the lack of the big ones - what does that say about us?


    :) I agree!

    Love you!
    - Zarlacht


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