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funny.... with a dash of crazy....

Ava's portrayal of how we've all been feeling this past week... this cracks me up everytime!


  1. Hey, that reminds me of many college nights drinking tons of strong coffee and studying long hours. Ha ha ha. Actually, it like many college nights after hitting Old Mills and groundhog. Ava is just the best entertainer.

    Love SaraLee

  2. I took out my phone to snap a quick picture of Ava making a funny face and hit the video button instead.

    This is what happened.

    Who even needs a TV anymore when you can watch kids all day?


  3. When Aaron showed me this video, my eyes just kept getting bigger and bigger the more "crazier" she got - and it was, like Lisa said, "just cute!" Couldn't help it but to share it here. Where do they come up with this stuff?

    We really need to invest in a camcorder. The hand-held size Sony one we have seems to big to just carry with us and whip out to record the kids like our phones. The quality is just not my favorite though - Any suggestions?

  4. What a cutie! I love that you're incorporating video in your posts! A great little camera is the Flip. I love that there are no tapes to buy and no batteries to charge, you just turn it on and shoot. The image quality has gotten better too.


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