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bugs in our tent

Our Ikea tent has provided the perfect backdrop to many secret hideouts, important meetings, scary stories, and even nap times in these past few years. So I was thrilled when Ava unearthed this abode while cleaning out our storage closet.

Tent Stories - Green Monster

After Aaron pitched up the tent, Ava filled it with pillows and everything unplanned that followed - was the perfect plan for spending the evening together.

Tent Stories

We read our favorite Ed Emberly books, and snacked from our after dinner fruit bowls. There was this one incident - when one of us really did get scared for a brief moment.... I won't say who, [ahem] but it involved Aaron jumping on the tent in the middle of my story... the other two campers had buggy flashlights and lanterns swirling in the dark - so they were too busy to notice.

Tent Stories

Camping is such a fun and easy way to re- create indoors for kids. And telling stories in them is a perfect twist to the regular bedtime story routines. A tent purchase is not even necessary as we have also used sofa cushions, chairs, and blankets to prop up our forts. The only essential thing you need is your imagination... and maybe, even a bug flashlight...

Scary Tent Story Ideas
Bye, Bye Big Bad Bullybug
Go Away Big Green Monster
Looking for a Moose


  1. Let me guess aaron saw a real bug- probably a cricket from your backyard. I can hear him screeching right now. I dont know what it is about tents but we all love them. A little hiding spot to feel secure in, I guess.

  2. Good guess. But luckily no roaches that time. Although, he nearly fainted last night when I stepped outside and a Texas-size flying roach landed on my back and I didn't even know it.

    So... I was just reading the book, and getting into it by changing my voice, and right when I said, "and a monster..." he made this gurgling sound - so I screamed. The kids just looked up at the "skylight" part of the tent and paused. They knew it was Dad all along ;)

  3. What is it about tents and kids? Mine love them.


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