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Ramadan Craft

I started a Ramadan table in our family room -- a natural transition for us -- as I frequently change its display based on the season, holiday, and even my moods -- usually with fresh flowers and various found objects and pictures. I anticipate the "look" will evolve through the course of the month, and years for that matter, as we create and inherit new things, to artfully display what's going on in our lives.

Ramadan Table

Our latest addition to the table is a minature
Kaba box. Using what we already had, "God's house" was completed in less than 20 minutes. The process was very spiritual for me, as I explained a little bit of background history and heard Ava ask, "How does God fit in there?"


Ava cut the fabric while I held it for her - she's getting soo good with scissors! I tought her how to "measure" the ribbon around the box so that she'd know how much to cut, and she also glued and reglued the ribbons until they were Ava-perfectly aligned.

Since the gift box we used had a lid, I decided to also make it into our
zakat box - which means it'll also house our children's giving to charity for Ramadan. Ava has grasped the concept of money and what it's used for - but the numbers and president faces have no value to her yet. [She still charges me 50 cents for everything I buy in our play store]. But evenso, it's never too early to introduce giving as a way of life... And now we have just the perfect box to help us do so...

Kaba Box

When Aaron came home, she showed off her new project. He praised her work and handed her a few dollar bills. When I asked her again what the money was being saved for she said, "to keep God warm."

Oh, yes... She understands the concept - even more than me - just beautifully....


  1. wow what a great and creative idea :) I'm glad I found your blog, thanks so much for posting on mine :) Ramadan Kareem!

  2. Just an update. I found out Ava has been swiping all the coins she can find around the house and feeding them to 'her Kaba' as she calls it. I was wondering where all my pocket change was going.

  3. What a wonderful idea. Thank you. InshaAllah I'll be doing this with our family, too. Allahu Akbar!


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