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Ramadan paper lanterns

Ramadan paper lanterns

Lots of wonderful craft ideas out there to get the kiddos involved with the celebrations of Ramadan. Lanterns are commonly used to light up and decorate the streets at night - when everyone is out. But at home, this works just as well for us to decorate our table with.

Ramadan paper lanterns

We used a template from Smart Ark. The glue stick didn't work too well - so I eventually had to pull out the masking tape and add some to the tabs from the inside. You're suppose to cut out the squares on the inside so that when these are attached to a string of lights, they can show through. But we used ours to decorate our kitchen table... and of course, pretend they were telescopes for a bit...

Ramadan paper lanterns

More great ideas on Smart Ark's fun page...

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