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first day of kindergarten

Thanks so much for all the thoughts and prayers everyone. The big day arrived, and as expected, I couldn't compose myself entirely... I knew I was going to cry, and I did. Aaron did much better- His face just turned red... had watery eyes.... we just couldn't believe her first day of school was here!

The outfit I wanted to dress her in got moved to tomorrow since today is gym class... so we went for comfort and all of her hair pulled back. Aaron and I were so nervous, bumping into each other, getting ready ourselves, remembering to breathe... that we didn't prepare a special fun breakfast like we had imagined. Or say a special family prayer.... the time, even though we woke up at 5am, didn't help. There was just so much going on....

Ava started her morning with excitement, saying over and over again, "I can't believe I'm going to school!" She made a card for her teacher...

teacher's card

Then we headed out the door -

going to school

Going to school!

Noah was such a terrific sport. Feeling the excitement for his sister, and so happy for her. He didn't ask when and if he was going to go to school. He just observed everything as we approached the school, where the yard was filled with parents, grandparents and kids of all ages...

walking to school

Outside of her classroom - the most unbelievably - unexpected thing happened to us. As Ava handed her teacher an apple, her card and hugged her, Aaron leaned over to me and whispered, "the camera isn't working"....  Of all the days!?! My little trusty camera that's captured Ava and Noah's childhoods, weathered sand and rain on countless trips, and even sustained photography lessons with Ava - went kaput. Reloading the battery, helped take these last shots, before it quit again... My time was running out. The bell rang. Aaron and I were the only parents in the room. I just had to look into Ava's eyes - one more time. And let her know how happy and excited and proud I am for her to get to this day.

Saying goodbye

And maybe cry a little before letting go...

kiss goodbye

Looking back as I was standing in the doorway - I snapped this picture with my iphone. She was off... ready to get started, and be a kindergartner. She didn't look up. It was time. I headed straight for the exit for air.

Getting started

Aaron and I held Noah's hands while walking back to the car. Noah said, "I think Ava's going to have a lot of fun." Aaron and I looked at each other, and knew how right Noah was... At home, we surprised Noah with a gift - a snap circuit board and doodle book for us to do today.

alone at home w noah

When I troubleshooted my camera it dawned on me that today's occasion is the best reason to upgrade for the camera on my wish list. Aaron had tried to purchase the Canon 5d Mark II for anniversaries, birthdays, and Eid gifts in the past, but for the sheer reason of cost, I would graciously decline.

Today is Ava's first day of school - to me, that's a good enough reason to make the investment now {and the fact that my SLR gave up}.  I emailed a few friends for camera store suggestions - and both agreed Arlington Camera was the place to go. After making sure they had one in stock, we drove 40 minutes to pick it up. 3 hours later, we were driving back home with a new camera {and a rented battery since it takes 24hrs to charge the new battery} and then headed straight to the school to pick her up and snap the first moment she walked out the door...

Missed You!

Perhaps the distraction of the camera situation was part of the Big plan because it made the day fly like colors. I didn't have the time, nor the energy to dwell on Ava not being with us today {although when I left the camera store and looked into the backseat of the car and saw her empty car seat, I let out a small sigh}. Oh.. life is so funny like this, isn't it?

Pick up

Pick up

And so are the kids - who wave through life's changes - in their own way...

After school


  1. oh my gosh! So glad to see the day was a success! The pics look great. I'm proud of how Noah handled it and felt about it. This is going to be a great year! Yay Ava!

  2. Very proud of you. You minimized the embarrassment by only taking pictures and not standing at the door for the whole day staring at her. ha ha ha. Love your description of life. I actually felt that I was there. She looked so cute in her outfit. I remember when she was a tiny sack of flour that I cradle to sleep when I visited. Such a cute wonderful little girl. Are you sure she's yours? ha ha ha ha. Send her my love.

    Tia SaraLee

  3. So sweet! Made me teary eyed and Jaidan doesn't even start school for another 3 years! Looks like you all had a great first day!

  4. Oh my goodness, I'm a mess and she's not even my daughter. Thank you for sharing the day! Congratulations on another milestone. That Noah is so very wise! I loved how coordinated Ava looked. How did she say her day went? Was she beyond advanced? I'm loving the images with the new camera too! Jealous! ;)

  5. What best photos and then so cute.
    Good thing you let go. Here mothers had to leave the doors. I remember when I last year had many children crying. My fat never went to daycare and when I saw Ollo sobs changed the face, but gave no time to react, caught her hand and brought it.
    Again I tell you that your photos are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. You are soo sweet Mrs. Bianca! You know if you were here, we'd cry on each other's shoulders! :) There's just something about these major milestones... Noah is very wise, and sometimes startlingly so. Funny {and expected I guess} how life seems to come into better perspective when we hear it from our children. Ava said her day went great! Advanced? ;) I think so... and this morning actually her teacher they were practicing their writing... then looked at Ava and said, "well Ava is already writing..." {smile}

    Still, I am starting to keep a journal of the days - to reflect back how K is going for her. So far in our journal entries we have...

    "I didn't learn anything in Kindergarten." {LOL!}

    "I love my teacher. I wish she was here all day!"

    "I made one friend. I was too busy at lunch. I can't get distracted." {so she did hear me when I said, Ava don't get distracted!}

    and so on... I think I'm going to do a blog post about it! Thanks so much for your warm thoughts and love! p.s. The camera - is just - superfly! Bulky and heavy though - even with the insurance coverage on it, it still makes me weary of using it. I hope that wares off soon!

  7. i cried reading it! i LOVE ur blogs! *hug*

  8. I cried during the whole first week when Jacob went to kindergarten, too! Ava is absolutely beautiful! She will have a blast this year.

  9. I loved your article and the pictures. Thanks for sharing dear:)

  10. Giozi - you always make me laugh! Thank you so much for the compliments about the pics. {You're such a great photographer yourself - so that means a lot!} I'm loving my new camera... but was so heart broken that it stopped working in one of the most important moments of a lifetime! So thankful that even times like that - there are resolutions...

  11. Yay to Ava's first day of school being a success, and you got a kick butt camera in the process, too;)! Love this post and photos, she looked absolutely precious! Love you guys so very much!


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