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valentines week

In thinking about Valentine's and how this one holiday is really an everyday - I started to think about how we could make the 14th extra special for all of us. But as life unfolds itself - and we got busy with this and that, I couldn't come up with the "party" I had told Ava we would be having {after all, she bought a dress just for the occasion}. So we all went with the flow of everyday.... and as it turned out, everyday was extra special, with highs and lows and everything in between...

The first change came with the weather. Wrapped in the low 30s last week, the weekend brought us high 60s and clear sunny skies... And it is usually on the weekends when we slow down a bit and get together with Ron and Maggie. Last weekend was no exception - and we took some of the paper flowers Ava made to Papa.

DFW National Cemetary

DFW National Cemetary

There is something very somber and vast about visiting cemeteries. When you're here, and you close your eyes, that hole in your heart stretches uncontrollably. Emotions soar to the moon, and return back to us with a generous amount of faith. Faith to look past our sadness, embrace our loved ones next to us, and look ahead to life growing right in front of us.

DFW National Cemetary

Back at the house, we all shared a Valentine cake Maggie brought over - the first hint of what was to come for Valentine's...


But then, Aaron fell sick Sunday night, and I had to attend a client meeting on Monday... and so after this and that - I came home with a few surprises... of course, Ava was wearing her new dress...


We usually exchange cards on the 14th, and I decided to make one for Ava and Noah - nothing fancy, I just drew a picture and added a heart balloon made out of wire. Aside from the globs of glue, I think they turned out as lovely as the ones we got from Papyrus - don't you think?

Valentine Cards

And since I had promised them that morning to take them to Froggies {a novelty toy store in our neighborhood}, we did - and after the kids finished testing out all their opened toys, they both wanted to "buy" something. Ava picked a pack of gum, and Noah... well, he couldn't choose between a police car or a school bus. Then after giving it some thought, he hugged my legs and said, "That's ok Mommy. You already bought me a car."

{I'm so proud!}

On Tuesday, we received Valentine cards in the mail from the little cousins. Oh yeah... cards! So we set out to make some too... Thanks to Design Mom and her creative template, I printed these out, and found some animals that echoed our sentiments... and then packaged them up with heart envelopes the kids made.

Valentine Cards

Valentine Cards

On Wednesday, we had the opportunity to attend Grandma Agnes' Sweetheart Ball... I should have better prepared the children for the visit by explaining what an Assisted Living facility is like - but it didn't dawn on me until the kids got there and they hid underneath our arms. Ava was bursting to try twirling her new dress with the loud music, and so after some time with the family and some snacks - she leaped forward and joined the crowd... bringing smiles to everyone.

Sweetheart Ball

Sweetheart Ball

Especially a new friend {lady in blue} - who came by and thanked Ava for the "dance."

After wards, we headed to tuck Grandma in for the night - but not before the kids were given some chocolates! Which was the sweetest moment in every which way... to cap a Valentines week from start to finish.

Grandma Agnes



  1. What a week. I don't know if it was the changing weather, germs from a park, or maybe my body just absorbing everything that had happened in the prior 2 weeks - but my body just shut down. I could not regulate my body temperature, had no appetite, and not an ounce of energy. Even though i felt miserable during some of these V-Day events, I look back and had a blast.

    There is so much to comment on...

    Regarding the trip to visit my father - it was surreal. I can't really describe it any better. I just could not believe that we were actually there visiting my dad. It was a nice trip - definitely warmer than the last time we went there with him! The kids enjoyed themselves exploring the trail or twirling in the open field while we all took turns catching up with Dad. I filled him in on everything that was going on and told him how much we all love him and missed him. Of course, I do this every day - but it was different being here.

    The rest of the week was a celebration of life and love... much like every other week at our house. Except this week, there was more pink and more candy!

    I'd like to give a special thanks to my live-in Angel who has been a blessing from God not just the last few weeks, but the last 10 years. Thanks for everything.

  2. Love Aaron's comment and I didn't even see it until I clicked on the post outside of my reader.

    Anyway, our household was full of illness as well. It looks like the rest of the household escaped the bug for you guys, though. That cake looks yummy! BTW, I simply love that you took the kids to the Sweetheart Ball. I know Grandma's friends appreciated seeing the young faces!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Thank you Mrs. Bianca - hopefully everyone in your household is all better now. Bugs are no good. I forgot to note that Noah did catch something because he was very lethargic starting Thursday, then he lost his voice... and started coughing. Mom said I should get him checked because kids can die from whooping cough... so of course, I was a little beside myself. I never know for how long I should wait or jump in the car and head to the emergency room. These days, even the most minor symptoms can be fatal - and that's a scary thought that haunts me as a parent.

    I'm glad we took the kids to the ball too - it was a perfect backdrop to what Valentines means - compassion, love, and caring for others. That's exactly the message I wanted the kids to get from VDay...

    Happy Valentines my dear friend!


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