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2 must-have iphone apps

While we're still in awe of all the snow, I'm enjoying the warm snuggly I get when I replay videos like these I've taken with my new camera. Check out this app that I just discovered {it may have been out for awhile}, called 8mm Vintage Camera for only $1.99. Oh goodness - you can't even get a deal like this at McDonalds anymore. 

You can upgrade lenses with additional purchases - but I'm still trying to figure out the ones it came with. With the click of a button, you can even make the screen flickr like the real McCoy and then email or upload it to YouTube and viola....

Ummm... yep, your eyes didn't deceive you. Aaron is indeed wearing his cargo shorts in this freezing weather.

Anyway, back to these cool apps -

I have a special place in my heart for all things vintage, so I'm in love, love with my new 8mm app.

While searching for more cool stuff, I came across another camera app that has me swooning, called Pocketbooth - a camera  that emulates the 1950s Model 11 Photobooth. I know what you're thinking, photostrips? And I say - definitely yes!

I remember watching Beaches and wishing I had a black and white photostrip set taken with my sister when we were both little...spending summers at Coney Island. Oh and remember Amelie? How visually romantic! 

To tell you the truth, I don't know where you would even get photostrips made anymore... It's such a novelty to have - but app developers have changed all that. {Thank goodness}.

You can take as many as you want - where ever you want - for 99 cents. Pretty sweet huh?

Just simply takes me back to better times {actually, it's even way before my time, but you get the point}.

Do you already have these apps? Drop your link/comment to share yours or let us know about other cool apps like these.


  1. He had a good time, really fun ;)

  2. Yes he did Giozi! I still can't believe how it was freezing temps and then two days later - we reached a high of 60. CRAZY! Kids were sad to see the snow go though...


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