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family journalism: for week of feb 21

A review of local, national and global current events that can be shared and discussed among families with young children.

People & Places: 
Earthquake Strikes New Zealand
A state of emergency has been declared after a 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck Christchurch on New Zealand's South Island on Monday - causing fatalities and wide spread destruction. The earthquake was an aftershock of the Sept 3, 2010 earthquake.
Source: BBC World News and USGS

  • Table Talk: How do earthquakes happen and why? How do we measure earthquakes?
  • Educational: Build a tower with the kids on top of a plastic tray or cardboard. Slightly tap or shake the tray. How many taps did it take before it collapsed the entire tower?
  • Resources: How earthquakes happen, Earthquakes for Kids, Weather Wiz Kids

President's Day - National Federal Holiday Celebrated 
In 1968 Congress passed legislation requiring that federal holidays fall on Mondays. In 1971 President Nixon combined Lincoln's and Washington's birthdays into one -- the third Monday of the month. Over time Presidents' Day evolved into a day to commemorate all U.S. presidents. Source: eHow.com

  • Table Talk: Who is our President and what is his job? Where does the President live? Review pictures and bios of the 44 Presidents online. Talk about historical Presidents that stand out in your own mind and share stories - even though some may sound like fairy tales.
  • Educational: Grab your loose change and examine the pictures on the coins. Ask the children, "If you were President, what would you do for the people?" Take notes and place in their journal. If your children are into writing letters, write one to the President!
  • Resources: White House 101, American History, Craft Ideas

Speaking of Presidents - did you know that since 2007, the United States Mint releases four $1 Presidential coins featuring our Presidents in the order they served in office? This past week, millions of the Andrew Johnson $1 Presidential coin was released into circulation. Following will be Presidents Grant, Hayes, and Garfield in 2011.  Source: United States Mint

  • Table Talk: The word "dollar" comes from the German word "thaler," which was a large silver German coin, and was one of the first silver coins made in the United States, back in 1794. Share fun facts.
  • Educational: Take a look with your child's piggy bank. How many of their quarters are different? What kinds of metals are they made from? Where and how are our coins made? Take an online tour. Money isn't the only way in which we honor past Presidents. Can you think of other ways? 
  • Resources: HIP Pocket Change, United States Mint Lesson Plans

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    I would love to talk to you about an issue that I feel is a hot topic in environmental news and something that most families are intrigued to read about. I have written an article that I think your readers would be interested in seeing on your blog.

    I'm looking to promote that idea that by encouraging grocery shoppers to branch out from their usual selections and to join the local food movement, they can help provide a healthy food choice for their families and create a more sustainable agricultural system.

    Kori Bubnack


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