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last days of summer


Our backyard is changing before our eyes - Our pink and white crepe myrtles left before saying good-bye and the overgrown vines took residence - since we abandoned swimming in the pool some time ago to notice its growth. I went into the backyard for fresh air after the rain, and accepted my invitation from Fall. We can't help feeling anxious and yet... a little reluctant about our annual guest. Our sweet tooths will miss their summer friends of coconut gelatos, chocolate milk shakes, pink cotton candy or icy pops.

end of summer

But I guess we're willing to trade these for hot cocoa, funnel cakes, and pecan pie for awhile. And spending more time outdoors swinging, biking, or walking to the park. Trips to the zoo will be comfortable now, and picnics a little less warm on our backs. We've had an incredibly hot summer this year, with memories that will carry it to the next. And as long as we can bring those swim goggles inside during bath time - we're good to go.

bathtime is much more fun with goggles


Fall... we look forward to your visit with us... soon.

pssst - I've been posting new but old stories and dating them as they occured - so you'll have to scroll through the posts below to capture them. Unless you're already an email subscriber to my feed - then you have all the new stories written [hint, hint.] If you missed 'em, here they are: making new friends, day trip: fossil rim, in love with handmade, oldie but goodie, big red, is it art?, the making of brownies and new chefs in the kitchen, and finally, more than just a ride.

Whew - it's been a busy blogging week.... xo


  1. I'm officially caught up on all of your new posts! From fire engines to turn tables, from zebras to brownies, I loved reading them all! And the most recent photo of all the kids enjoying popsicles in the rocker is just precious!!! Noah's hair is so adorable!

    Can't wait to see you guys soon!

    Much love,
    Corbin and Dave

  2. You're awesome guys - thanks so much. We really miss you and hope to catch up with you both after your trip. Take care and please give our regards to everyone.

  3. One thing i never will really get used to in Dallas is the fact we don't really get a Autumn season. It seems like one day it is 100 degrees and the next day the roads are iced over. Lets just stock up on firewood and ingredients we need for Smores and welcome Winter with open arms.

  4. this must be one of my favorite posts thanks to Noah quand and his beautiful face- ma'shallah!

  5. Thanks Wagma! Glad to see your back online reading this blog! Love and kisses!!


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