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Ava & Noah went to their Great Grandma Agnes' birthday party tonight, and enjoyed satisfying their sweet palates of youth, while Grandma Agnes sat between them and sweetened her palate of almost a century of wonderful moments... and telling us whole heartedly, that they were all full of blessings.


After putting the kids to bed and making sure Ava brushed really good,
I went through old photos I had scanned years ago when she let me borrow her album. I still can't help but wonder about the events that transpired when these photos were taken 60-70 years ago - each face expression telling a different story...

When I first visited her and Bill in Kansas in 2001, I discovered a globe in their living room where Afghanistan was circled with a sharpie. Strange I thought - did they buy it like this? It turned out that when they learned their grandson was marrying an Afghan, they were curious about my heritage - and didn't want to forget before they got the chance to meet me. How wonderfully considerate I thought - as I myself had become accustomed to calling myself an American since my roots were transplanted here when I was very young. It just never seemed to come up in conversation with others ... so this one simple gesture on their part made me instantly feel proud of belonging to a country across the other side of the globe. I stared at Afghanistan carefully circled on the blue globe, and remember smiling at myself - then at them for taking the time to learn this truth. It was a priceless moment and lesson I will never forget.

Nor will I forget tonight, where I watched my children be a part of the celebration - of family - and generations coming together to honor where they came from...



  1. It always amazes me seeing 4 generations of family members together in the same place.

    I forgot who it was at the table that first made the comment, but someone pointed out to my grandmother that she was the reason we were all there. Everyone at that table was there only because of her. Its amazing how one person can create so many memories not only for themselves, but also for family members for generations and generations to come.

    My children's children will have my Grandmother Agnes to thank.

  2. Aaron your so right. Ok i have a long story for the two of you.

    When I was on my journey in Oklahoma of house hopping. I kept coming over stories of my family when they were all younger.

    One night I was sitting in my room and I could not sleep so I went through a box of old photos my grandma had in the room. There were photos of my grandpa when he was about a year old with his mom dad brothers and sister. Pictures of my cousins when they were very little, and I stumbled on some photos of me about 2 weeks old, with my moms entire family at my old house. I'm surprised they all fit in the place. I could not stop thinking how it would have been if I could just jump into the pictures and experience that scene with them.

    It is amazing how they create all those memories and its a very delicate thing.

    My (great)^4 grandma on my mom's mom's side who was around 4-5 was about to get on a boat to South Africa from Germany, but she got lost and they missed the boat and took the next one to America. So you can thank here for the memories you have with me :) but I would have a sweet accent if they got on the first one.

    Make sure you tell your grand-kids about your grandmother and all the stories u have of her so they can pass the memory of her along, because that is how we all reach immortality.

    We live on through the memories of others.


  3. Old Greg!
    Wow - that must have been quite an experience. I can't imagine looking at photos of your grandparents when they were babies! You are very lucky to have these in your hands. You should scan/copy them if you can.

    I don't have any of my grandparents - that's one of those tragedies when generations migrate to new countries and leave photos behind. When your fleeing for your life, it's the last thing on your mind I guess.

    I can't believe your Grandmother - 4 generation ago - missed the boat to South Africa. I wonder what her thoughts were on choosing to go there - and why... and her thoughts on catching the next one to America - if she was hesitant or anxious... Oh, I wish I knew. You didn't find any journals of thoughts did you?

    I guess I'll leave it up to my imagination. Your so lucky to know these things.... it really connects you to history...

    Thanks for sharing this Greg!


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