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Thank You


The summer days have swam by us without us even getting wet. Our pool sweeper is the only thing that reminds us we have one in the backyard. Each night when the timer goes off, the rattling of the machines kick me in the head – another night Ava hasn’t grown the gills I promised she would by summer’s end. The shovels stand upright, the castle molds lay on their sides – the sandbox looks like a miniature desert – crossed only by lizards and mosquitoes buzzing overhead.

Much of summer has been spent indoors: painting, singing new songs, and venturing around town for art exhibits and crafts. It seems like our hours are never enough.

September has already made its presence – well, on the calendar board at least. Until the weather catches up, I am anxious for the whimsy that comes with fall and all its golden colors. I’m ready to let go of what I haven’t achieved this summer, and start thinking about what we will do with hot cocoa in our hands.

There’s just something about this transitioning month that puts all timely must-do’s into perspective. And I love it.

It’s good to be back online blogging again – I’ve missed you so much. And all the wonderful posts you genuinely stream back to me. I received a special post from my Portugal friend a few weeks ago that reminded me how important this blog is and the friendships that have been connected because of it. Thank you Ze for that sweet reminder of what this blog means to you. And thank you Julie, for your loving advice that helped me cool down enough to enjoy the summer.

I'd like to still include some of the events as they happened and share those moments with you. I've dated the stories back to the summer... as [or close to] they happened. So please scroll back a few chapters in the next couple of days to read about them.

And like the foliage of fall, thank you all for waiting... so beautifully...

Here we go....


  1. Hey, we missed you!
    yay!you're back!

  2. When Dave checked our email today (with me peaking over his shoulder) and we saw in our inbox "The Art of Family", we both said YEA!!!!

    It's great to have you back to blogging and keeping us posted on what you guys have been up to!

    Keep up the wonderful work!

    Corbin and Dave

  3. At the expense of staying up until 6 in the morning, and being woken 2 short hours later by her husband who had to rush to the office for meetings today... it was worth it! This of course coming from the person who didn't stay up until 6 in the morning... :)

    We all missed the blogs- it was a breath of fresh air to read this blog this morning. Thanks for pasting a smile on my face that never went away today... (even on the most boring of conference calls).

  4. Thanks so much! I was up until 5:30 finishing these stories and I couldn't believe how excited I was just typing away and wondering about my readers...

  5. Hello, beautiful lady!
    Glad to have you back...
    I was scrolling down your blog, and I froze as I saw how many posts I missed this time. I said to myself "stupid you, you must have been checking over and over a favorites link, and never updated the page". Ha ha... you just "touched" the dates on the posts, you tricky little witch. Phew...! So, I wasn't mistaken, you HAVE been out... OK. It'll take me some time to catch up, mostly when I have nearly no time at all for anything right now. But I will catch up, I promise.
    (I sold an Ava blouse today, and it just tickled my heart to read her name in the mail about the sale. Thanks for letting me use her name.)
    Thank you for the thank you! It was my pleasure to send you those words, I am glad they served you well.
    See you!
    I want more pictures...!
    (How's the MBA going? Is it still on? Oh... I want to know all about you in just one second! Be still my beating heart...)

  6. Julie! Did you see the post about handmade? I think of so often - and so does Ava in her smock!

    MBA - I'll have to write to you more about that later, and the significance of your email! But for now, yes! It's still on... I just need a few more things before opening up the school!

  7. I'll be waiting for that email then!
    The post, yes! I found it later. I think I commented there.


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