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paper blue bird in 30 minutes

quick dry

Some days are hectic, and we can run through an entire day and not create anything in the art room. When that happens - usually after dinner - all the kids will want to do is plop in front of the TV and call it a "movie night." Problem is we just had a few - two in a row. So this is when both Aaron and I both sit down in the art room {the kids naturally follow} and we look through our craft books for a quick project. Since Aaron picked up some extra paper plates from the local pizzeria tonight, we decided to make a paper plate blue bird.

Find out how it turned out here, on The Art of Family Crafting blog or by clicking on the Crafting Corner box on the right, where we'll be posting all of our creative art projects.

p.s: although we had a craft night instead of a movie night, while we were painting our plates blue, I asked the kids to tell me what other things are blue. Each said, "Thomas, Jay Jay, Dora's crystal..." all cartoon characters!

{sighing} well, at least I tried....

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