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monday posts: family-oriented journalism

Although we may not always have the answers to our children's inherent “but why” reactions - it’s an opportunity for all of us (the family unit) to expand and deepen the understanding of what’s happening around us in the world today. While there is so much negative media out there - there are also positive ones making big differences all around the world - and it is these types of stories that I would like to weekly post on Mondays.

I encourage you to use your knowledge, ideas and experiences, and to even take a few moments to do further research on each "current events" to help guide a family discussion at the dinner table each night this week, and share what's happening in the news. Perhaps on Wednesday, you can study a map together after talking about the blizzards up north... or craft a weather wheel, track temperatures, measure rain fall, and so on. Ask them about their thoughts and feelings, what's good, what can we learn from it... and what, if any, changes can we make as a family?

Weekly "Tabletop News" will be posted on Mondays and will include:

Trapp Family LodgePeople & Places - From Ghandi to the seven wonders of the world, this section will feature influential and interesting people and places of our time (past and present), as well as cover current event news stories that impact people and places around the world; teaching children about cultural and societal similarities and differences. 

Health - How much do we know about our bodies? This category will cover educational features as it pertains to the human body. The more we know together, the better we can make individualized decisions - especially true when it comes to picky little eaters. From nutrition to exercise - informative tips and ideas to help encourage an all-around healthier family life-style. 

Waiting for the busEnvironment - What is pollution? Why does snow have to melt? From the simple,to the most complex questions and issues, this category will cover news stories focusing on our changing planet. It’s one thing to adapt into a “greener” life style, but its another to understand and appreciate why we should... and why now instead of tomorrow.

Cashing InEconomics - Although financial news is boring to most {like me}, teaching young children about money is critical to their long term understanding and responsibility for themselves and our economic society. This category will feature ideas on how to explain the financial process, institute a family financial plan, and encourage active participation and contribution to the family’s financial goals.

My hope is to inspire you to have healthy discussions about current events with your children. While thinking about it throughout the week - think creatively on how to extend  the learning beyond the dinner table - For example, take a trip to the library together to check out books about the historical person or country you spoke about, sign up for charitable walks, visit a recycling center, and your local bank to make deposits from their piggy banks, etc.

Not all categories will be featured each week, as much of it will depend on what's in the news, which will always be sourced for you to check out and learn more.

I hope you will join me on this new project of family-oriented journalism - If you know of a news item that falls under these topic guidelines, please let us know by leaving a comment. 

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