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blog update


OK. Yesterday on The Art of Family an announcement was made.
Today there would be an update to the blog that you have all grown to love. So are you ready? Any guesses to what the update is? Love poems….? Maybe not?
Let me give you a hint…

I, the author of what you are reading at this very moment, have never written a blog post in my whole live. I am not who you think I am. I am….
…her husband.
Don’t let the smooth taste fool you. I have no writing experience. I limit the comments on the Art of Family I write to 2 paragraphs or less because that is how long I usually last before I run out of literature. English class was a beating for me in high school and in college, I wrote in COBOL more than I did English… so you will need to bear with me. Be patient. And more important – when you leave comments, be polite. So on to the updates…

Update #1
Once per week, or as long as she lets me, I’m going to create a blog post for you. It won’t be about design. It won’t be about organization. It probably won’t be grammatically correct. But, if I succeed, it will be entertaining.  <- Don’t ask who was filming that video because I am pretty sure it is illegal to film someone on an iPhone and drive at the same time.

Update #2
For you parents out there (and the future ones too) – doesn’t it just upset you when you can’t watch the news with your kids because you just know that at any moment, there is a good chance there is going to be a dead bloody headless body right there on your tv screen for all to see. I don’t want to explain to Noah why the man on TV has no head. He is not ready for that. He has nightmares about his toy cars getting flat tires. I’m not ready  to pay psychologist bills quite yet. It just isn’t worth the risk. So Zarlacht is planning on dedicating one entry per week to inform you loyal followers about some ‘kid friendly’ news worthy nuggets of information. I think the plan is to cover local as well as global events – but I’ll defer her to give the details. (I’m sure there will be a comment soon enough to set the record straight)

Update #3
Have you ever wanted to create a bucket list, but you are not creative enough? Or do you just not have enough time? (That would be me right there) Zarlacht also mentioned that she is planning on creating a list of 100 things to do in Dallas. Don’t expect to find any swanky bars on this list… it’s going to be kid friendly. Leave it up to my wife to fight the good fight for the kids.

Did you see what I just did? I wrote en entire page and my brain hurts. I’ve got to stop here. Stay tuned for more of what you love – and a little of what I hope you will learn to enjoy!
- a


  1. So exciting! What days will you be appearing on the blog? Looking forward to reading more.

  2. To be honest, we haven't worked out the logistics. I recall sometime last night we started talking about it, but the conversation was hijacked by Ava. (She has a more pressing issue that needed to be addressed.. something about yarn) Often times, Zarlacht and I can start a conversation and not finish for several days.

    I am thinking Tuesday would work for me. Mondays are off limits - and I like the Friday 'This Moment' photo blogs, so I'm not going to go there. Weekends are too unpredictable.

    Zarlacht, if you are reading this... what do you think?

  3. Welcome to the blog world :D
    Your baby boy is so handsome and funny, and you crazy ;)

  4. thanks for updates.i liked your all posts.its so nice.i love to see more updates,so plz keep working.god bless you.


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