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grandpa & ava celebrate

Dad turned um 70-something this year - and we couldn't believe how incredibly fast another birthday approached. I guess we tend to say that about every birthday - but still... it really does feel like it. Every annual celebration seems to remind me, "hey, we were just here weren't we?" And then I quickly count my blessings for all the celebrations we have shared in between.

Since half of my family was traveling overseas on Ava's Birthday in January, and they missed seeing her "turn 4" - we celebrated both Grandpa and Ava's birthday tonight.

Since it was Dad's birthday, we sang our usual "Happy Birthday" chant first for him, and without notice, Dad puffed all the candles out in one breath! [Which as you can see, I wasn't able to capture on camera]. We marveled at his lungs and at the same time, Ava's priceless expression - as she watched the candles extinguish into smoke. We all laughed so hard at this episode, but quickly realized Ava wasn't laughing - Which made Ava's comic dilema into something really hilarious for us all - that even Ava eventually turned her grin into a laughing spell - and we lit the candles again - just for her...

Ava was so ecstatic about the whole ordeal, it was like having another birthday! Chocolate cake - her favorite! And those she loves around her... that she actually thought she turned 5 when she blew out her candles... [smile]




When my sister Roshana was little and had birthday parties - it was always too cold to be outside - so they mostly consisted of indoor festivities. And because we lived in an apartment at the time, we didn't have a tree to hang the beloved game of swinging at a pinata. Except when my little sister turned 7, when my Dad unwillingly held a pinata up for her and her "Macarena-crazed" friends to beat up with a wooden spoon. He didn't realize he was suppose to stand still - and instead, had fun swinging and raising the pinata - challenging and frustrating the little girls to no end... And in return, they instead swatted at my Dad's shins - making him shriek after every swing - and making us cry watching in sheer laughter.

So we asked Dad again - for old times sake - and being the best Dad that he is - he did - and he swung the candy-filled paper mache until we cried with laughter once again...
for old times sake...


After they collected all their goodies, we did what Ava loves best - painting...

rainbow painting

canvas painting

And the whole family got involved. Because art has a way of bringing everyone to the table with messy creativity...

It was a special day - not just because we laughed a lot that we cried - but because occasions like these are no
t to be missed - even if you have to throw another party again [thanks to Mom who did all the honors - thank you Mom!] It's just nice to be able to re-create memories for our children so that they have their loved ones around - for moments like these and the everyday.


  1. Hey Zarlacht,

    I absolutely LOVE this post!!! The story about your Dad and the pinata is too funny, thank you so much for the good laugh ;) And I'm so glad to hear Ava got another b-day!

    One of my favorite things I remember about my birthday parties was that my parents, knowing I didn't like icing--I know, I know I'm strange--would leave a little corner of my cake without any...just the cake! It made me feel special knowing that that one section was all mine...of course some would say, someone that didn't like icing waaasss special...:)

    Your special friend,

  2. Dave, your comment cracked me up.

    I have to admit, I was a teensy weensy bit afraid that someone was going to launch a blow pop out of the pinata straight for the 50something inch plasma TV that was only a few feet away, but it didn't happen, so that means success!

    Everyone got cake, the kids made some really cool paintings, and of course they each filled their bags full of all kinds of candy. (I made sure to steer Noah in the direction of the miniature Nerd boxes because those are my... I mean his favorite.)

    I was just trying to help.

    I swear!

    On a side note, Ava is already looking forward to next year when she will turn 5, 6 and maybe 7.

  3. DAVE! It's so good to have my 'special friend' back here commenting again! I tried to load the video of Dad holding the pinata - but I'm afraid my patience was shorter than the video clip. :)

    We've missed reading your stories!! [big smile]. This one - is truly special. I don't know if I would have thought of that - but cornering a special section for you while accommodating the guests - is genius! :)

    As parents, we strive for ways and opportunities to show our kids that they are indeed special to us - especially by embracing their true selves. It's moments like these - the icing-free cake - that is such a great example ;) And proof - by you sharing this memory here - its effects and how much it has meant to you.

    I can't think of a greater feeling as a child - than feeling so loved and special by your parents.

    Thank you for sharing this sweet story! (no pun intended ;) XXOO!

  4. Come on Dave! - If I were your sister - I would have eaten the icing for you!
    Zarlacht - once again I laughed thanks to your post about the pinanta - there is something very funny about little children smacking an older man with a wooden spoon but the older man thinking he is fooling the children by swinging the pinanta - All in fun!


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