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the perfect winter day

We had heard about a chance of snow coming - and I was thrilled at the opportunity for the kids to see it once more - but no one could have ever anticipated 6 inches of heaven's floor falling into our backyard....


I've always had such a pure fondness of the white stuff. When I was younger, a snow day in Queens, NY felt like I had just won the powerball lottery - in other words - schools closed. Mom stayed home from work with us and bought us chocolates (it was the little things I suppose, but they meant so much) and we played, stomped, and floated on the clouds the entire day - until our fingers froze off...

Snow in NY

... But that's how it was for us - days and days of mountainous snow leaving me suspended in all its wonder... trying to figure out what happened to the life beneath our feet, and why everything, for once, looked the same in NYC.

Snow in NY

I had forgotten how lovely this weather could be.... and yummy, because that's the first thing Ava wanted to do...


Aaron and I started working on a snowman right away, and the kids helped shovel snow into piles... well, almost. Noah found it more intriguing to watch it plop, drop, and melt away in the pool....

shoveling snow

The three of us were so cold (and whiny) by the time our snowman's head was formed, that we bolted straight for the door - leaving Aaron to finish dressing up our new visitor... buttons, sticks, a carrot nose and all...

Our Snowman!

Thank you mother nature! I had forgotten so quickly (in these 20 years I've been hibernating down South) how simply beautiful you carry yourself this time of year. Please come back again next winter - Ava and Noah are anxiously waiting...


  1. I think I like the fact snow doesn't come to Dallas too much. It really does make it somewhat magical when it does, and that makes up for the lack of it.

    The kids had an absolute blast making their own snowman. Ava was bringing buckets of snow (one pint at a time) for us to pack on the top and Noah was doing his best to shovel little pieces of slush towards the snowman's feet. When it was all said and done, we had a pretty good looking snowman. I went and tore a few branches off the neighbors tree and shoved them where the arms belonged... and voila - instant Frosty.

  2. The snowfall was beautiful, so glad Ava and Noah got to enjoy it! And great Frosty by the way! I thought of you guys when I saw a post on FB, a friend of mine posted this Paula Deen recipe for homeade ice cream: 8 cups of freshly fallen snow, 1 can of sweetened condensed milk and 1 tsp of vanilla, just mix and eat! Sorry I didn't send this to you when we had the snow but by the time I saw her status, the snow had already melted. But, since we may be in for a treat again on Tuesday, hopefully you guys can make the snow ice cream!

    Much love,

  3. Snow ice-cream! What a treat! That would just rock their world entirely - I have all the ingredients I need to make this - well, except for the snow. I hope we'll be able to pick some up tomorrow ;)

    Thanks for this great idea Corbin!

  4. The pics you posted lil sis bought back such memories and how lucky I am that we share that with each other

  5. Watch out for snow ice-cream with yellow in it. I will not eat snow. I know what people do. Sorry for late reply. Loved the pics. Totally could tell which was Wag and which was you. Miss you ....... Saralee


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