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working space for the kids

Working from home the past three years has been for the most part - a chance to be a part of two worlds. In the beginning, the kids were confused as to when and how often they could come in and be with "mommy" - Noah would waltz right in to inform me which of his cars had a flat tire, and Ava would want to type on my computer or spin in my chair...

Last Fall, Ava started to pout when Aaron would put on her coat. Noah would wait by the door (he loves to be outdoors) while Ava agonized over the idea of having to go outside. "You've got to be kidding me!" she'd say with arms in the air and curly hair flopping over her face.

We've tried different approaches to this design, from locking the door to even hiding in my office - But I realized that Ava yearned for a place of her own at home - aside from her bedroom where she dreams, reads, and has tea parties - she wanted a place, at home, where she could "work" and create "like Mommy" - so we let her be a part of this transition and help bring her vision to life...


You've probably seen some of Ava's recent art studio pictures
from previous posts like this one- but I forgot to post this one, where Ava was so excited to receive my old computer, she fell asleep at her desk waiting for Aaron to finish setting up her "account." This desk was Noah's changing pad table - which I found at a flea market for $10 painted already in nursery colors of yellow and blue. So we pulled it out of storage and bought a quart of high-glossy red for the new art studio's table. After Aaron stripped it down to the grain, I fell in love with it the way it was (even with the remnants of the pale yellow), and shelved the red for another project...


At first I was hesitant to hand down my old computer to her at this age, but we gave it a try, and I'm happy to report that this was another way for her to secure some independence - challenge herself in a fun way, and even learn how to manage her time responsibly.


Ava and Noah's studio gives them a place to get messy, creative, and even escape- the kids are masterminding treasure hunts, winning computer games, and assembling wheels to rocket drills. (Thanks Daddy!)

But what I love the most about this change last fall, is that I get surprises like these - waiting on my desk...


now, onto finding a bigger office space for me than this desk....


  1. Well I think the new place turned out wonderful. Though (unintentionally) one of our rooms turned into the playroom downstairs, we are working on plans on creating a studio/art room/ playroom combination upstairs in our fairly new finished attic. I can't wait!

  2. Oh Lisa! How marvelous! The attic is a wonderful idea! Kudos to you guys for taking on such a reno! I'm going to check your blog now and see if you've posted any pics! Please let me know when the studio/art room/playroom is complete - I'm anxious to see it! XO!

  3. WOW, Ava's computer space is waaaayyy cleaner than mine. What a wonderful idea! I look forward to seeing all of Ava and Noah's creative art!

    I chuckled when I saw the photo of Aaron and Ava putting down the wood flooring...you're very lucky!

    Not the handiest of men,

  4. There are 2 fantastic things about having an art room for the kids.

    The first one is that is is their own little studio where where they are encouraged to be creative. They have drawers stocked full of glitter, Popsicle sticks, glue, paints, clay, cotton balls, etc etc etc... I can't think of anything they don't have in that room.


    Noah: Daddy, I want to make a rocket drill.
    Me: OK Noah... but we are going to need a fuel source. What should we use?
    Noah: Lets look in the plutonium drawer and see if we can make it nuclear powered.
    Me: Noah, you know there is no radioactive material allowed in the house.
    Noah: OK... I'll go grab a gallon of diesel from the cabinet.

    You get the idea. We are definitely not restricting the kids. If they want to build a house, the only question is 'What are the taxes going to be on it when we finish?'

    The second great thing about having an art room is the clean up. I don't have a problem getting the Swiffer out and making a few laps around the house, but I'm getting old(ish) and that is not my idea of fun. Glue and glitter on paper is good. Glue and glitter on my pillowcase is not so much fun. It's easier to encourage the kids to have fun (i.e. make a mess) when you are not dreading the cleanup afterward.

  5. Oh yes! Having a handy husband around is lucky indeed - or - is he unlucky for having a wife with so many reno demands? Hmmm... I'm not sure.

    But I'm starting to think this may all be a facade just to get more tools. Whatever the motivation - it's working! He was very sweet and patient with me when I made him go back to HD 3 times before I liked the shade of purple on Ava's walls...

    I guess in that instance - he wasn't so lucky... nor when he found glitter on his pillowcase :)


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