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art party - memorable take home favors

I have a soft spot for party favors. From baby showers to weddings, favors are those little gems that guests take home as a memento from the wonderful occasion. I can still remember the party favor I received from the first birthday party I ever attended as a child. I think it's such a wonderful way to make every child feel special and included to receive a gift at a birthday party - and not just the birthday girl.

It was inevitable that the container to use for the favors had to be paint cans. I found these clear ones online, and ordered a box set - for under $2 a piece. Fill the bottom with shredded color paper, add candy and trinkets you find at your local party store. I included a stamp set and jar of bubbles.


favors 4

I was exceptionally ecstatic to find Pop Rocks candy with actual paint rollers for dipping - that I went to two stores to get enough for the favors.


For the "thank you" message, I picked up some fun colorful paint sample chips (Home Depot) and glued them together to create a paint deck of 4 colors- then clipped them to the side of the handle. To prop the handle up so that the kids could grab the container, I inserted foam paint rollers (in the center and tied it with streamers.


And of course, while I don't mind sending kids home with more sugar and candy - I thought it would be fair to also send them home with a trousseu of art supplies to create master pieces of their own.

guest party favors

Art Party Guest Favors - Our Tips
1. Favors are no doubt an extra expense. A simple notebook with watercolors wrapped together with a beautiful bow would be fantastic giveaway too! Depending on the amount of children you are hosting, splurge on what you feel is right. But don't forget to include something nonperishable too - like a paint brush, or personalized apron.

And if you shop throughout the year and collect some pieces during sales, you'll find yourself inspired to create memorable guest favors long after the party is over. Except for the candy - every thing can be reused - which parents love!

Our favors ran approx $10 each, but we planned ahead for that - since we only had 6 to make.

Have a favor idea? Please share your ideas here...

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  1. I swear... I have no idea how she does this. (And I live with her) You would think some of this artistic ability and creativity would rub off on me......


    I shutter when I think about how I would handle something like this. I would probably do something very unimaginative like give out gift cards to the kids, or just hire someone like Zarlacht to do the work for me. She just makes it look too easy.

    But... she makes it fun!


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