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I don't understand it. My heart aches even when I try. There's a rainfall of guilt, and helplessness - watching him look at me - unintentionally with one eye.

Aaron said he didn't cry very much after he fell. Little did we know that 6 hours after stumbling from his own feet, his body would take care of the wound itself, and create a wickedly big purple patch over his right eye.

He showed off his ER bracelet when he got home. We played in his bed and made airplane "swooshing" noises until the batteries ran out. So we spooned and listened to the locusts flying into the window. Laying there, next to him, I couldn't help but cry.

I cried because I couldn't prevent it from happening. Nor could I snap my fingers and make it disappear. I cried because he has an orbital fracture. I cried because at 2, he can't tell me how he's really feeling. I cried for all the reasons why mothers do at a time like this... and more.

Your prayers for a healthy recovery are appreciated. In the meantime, we're all having a lot of chocolate ice cream ... which I am told by Noah, is indeed helping.


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  2. He is definitely being a good sport about this whole thing. If it were not for the bruise and swollen eye I swear you would never know. He has been as active and happy as he has ever been in the last 24 hours.

    Even though I have replayed the whole incident in my head at least a hundred times and I was less than 2 inches from him when he fell... it still leaves me baffled. I saw him falling and was even able to reach for him as he toppled forward. I distinctly remember my hand touching his chest as he was going down as I grabbed for him- but I couldn't quite grab his shirt. Even though it happened in slow motion... i just couldn't quite grab him.


    One of every parents worst nightmares for sure. It makes me want to carry him everywhere he goes for now.

    On a side note...As far as the nurses at the ER know, he was attacked by a group of 4 year olds on razor scooters.... but you should have seen them!

  3. Oh gosh guys, I'm so sorry! My heart goes out to you! You all will be in our thoughts and prayers, please give Noah and BIG hug and kiss from us!

  4. Noah was so brave! It was hard to look at, but the other side of his face told me everything was okay, life goes on, and toy cars go zoom!
    I was shocked to hear about the fracture...im glad he went to the ER, finally.
    hugs and kisses for Noah please, and an extra scoop of ice cream for a speedy recovery :)
    Love ya'll

  5. Dearest Noah!

    Sorry to hear you got hurt, but sounds like you're getting good care .

    I did not fully understood how bad he was hurt until I looked at this picture.

    You guys are wonderful parent. I am pretty sure there is nothing any one could have done to prevent this. By the time our kids grow up they will have many bumps,bruise and cuts.

    I have been the same situation many times. Blaming myself if I could have been there , it would have not happened. But the weired thing is that some of the worst injuries my kids have had was when I was present with them.

    If this my be of any comfort to you I like to share a similar store:

    Roya was barely 2 and on her first day at daycare. After so many minutes of standing behind the door and didn't wanting to leave her there I went to work.
    I got a call later that afternoon that I should come quickly , roya is hurt.
    When I saw her the blood was running down her face. I was crying hysterical.
    I don’t know how I drove to the ER. Some many what if questions came to my mind.
    If I only did not work and take care of her myself…..etc.
    After few minutes we found out that it was not inside her eye. It was cut in her eye lid.
    That she will be OK.

    Believe me it was worse looking at it ,then how she felt. The color change to many shades from blue to purple and eventually yellow. You said it best that his body would take care of the wound itself. Inshallah it will all be ok.

    I love Sweetie Noah’s big blue eyes and the way he rolls his eyes to look at you.
    So shy and so adorable.

    Here is prayer :

    O Angels of God, from heaven so bright,
    watching beside Noah, and Ava to lead them aright;
    fold your wings round them,
    and guard them with love;
    Softly sing songs to them of heaven above.

  6. Ok, Aaron and Zar, you are given detention for Noah's black eye. I'm gonna have to buy him a leather jacket with a eye patch. Oh, he needs tatttos. Gotta look tough so that gang of 4 year olds with bodies of 5 year olds won't mess with him again. Send him down to corpus and I'll make him into a suave surfer boy. He'll be too cool to mess with. OR I'll make him into mexican. None one messes with us mexicans because we'll stop cutting your lawn. ;> Give my love to Noah. Miss him and his sister a whole bunch. I'll eat a scoop of ice cream with a splash of "something something" to make me feel better about his woes. Brother, I feel your pain. We'll swap stories, my Noah! We survived another day for another adventure. Chin up, Zarlacht and Aaron! He still loves you and not your fault.

    Love you always...SaraLee

  7. Corbin, thanks so much for the extra prayers and thoughts. The kids miss you guys and look forward to your visit soon! XOXO

  8. Roshana dear - I know how much you hate to see kids get hurt as much as I do. We're pretty scared about the "fracture" part too. Thanks for lovin' on him when he came over the other day and making him feel like nothing was wrong - even though it looked like he had a giant eggplant attached to his face. I love you!

  9. Oh Nadia jan! Your comment here just made me cry and cry - the prayer is soo beautiful and touching. And find myself saying it in my heart over and over again. Thank you.

    From one Mom to another - it is deeply comforting to have this connection - although it is very scary, and one of the worst parts about being a Mom. Dealing with children's injuries - physical, and later in their teen years - emotional - is such a heart breaking thing to go through.

    There is something very un-accepting about this natural process of childhood. Injuries in sports - I can understand. But when an infant or toddler is injured, they don't know how or why. And neither do we.

    Like you said, we wonder - if only we were there. Could we have prevented it? And it is these "what ifs" in life, that will make us grow gray faster. :)

    Thank you for sharing your story about Roya jan - and am relieved to hear that it was only a cut and no damage internally.

    Children's eyes are just soo precious - I see life as how God intended it - through them.

    Watching his eye heal - amazes me even more - and the power of our bodies working together to fix - to heal itself. His swelling peaked yesterday morning. And there was more purple coloring on both the top and bottom. By nightfall, the swelling has let itself go, and we're starting to see some resemblance of his right eye again.

    Thank you for your loving prayer and thoughts. May God protect all of our children -

  10. SARA LEE! Just when I was getting so depressed and mushy about it - you write this comment. I couldn't help but laugh out loud, and then call Wagma and read your comment out loud to her too. Knowing you and who you are, and how fitting this was - as our "sister" - was just perfect! Thanks so much for the laughs - very much needed. :)

  11. oh! i do hope he gets better... it does hurt so bad when they get hurt....

  12. we are praying AND eating plenty of ice cream...send healing pictures soon!

  13. Thank you Ze and Deb! He's healing beautifully - Your prayers and thoughts have worked wonders - XXXOOO


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