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after the rain

Comatose on the couch, I was amazingly awakened by my toddler son pulling my fingers and saying over and over again, "helmet, helmet" while pointing to the closet. When I finally lifted one eye half open, I saw both of them standing with the closet door open, heads tilted back, looking up and wondering, how do we get our helmets down?

"Do you guys really want to go for a bike ride?" I say, hopeful that reverse psychology will work this time, and sigh unconvincingly, that the idea was ludicrous. And naturally, they both shout an astounding, "yes!" and then pull their shoes out of their baskets.

Now - a few days ago I ranted about how terribly hot the weather has been lately. But today, our summer's enemy was no where to be found. I knew I couldn't pass up this opportunity to be outside and let them ride with the summer's slow evening winds, gently blowing in preparation for yet another storm. That would just be evil of me. So I got up.

Ah... rain - I just love how our neighborhood looks - with its towering trees and greener grass - after it rains.... I love watching the kids - ride side by side - until curb side trash gets in the way - and they zoom past each other [with toddler caution].




I love the frequent stops they make to pickup fallen leaves, wave at neighbors passing by, or say "aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh" out loud so that they can hear their voices vibrate over a rough patch in the sidewalk....

I love how they linger at the end of each block - like puddles, waiting for something to happen....


And I love how tired I am, walking behind them, holding Aaron's hand and having some alone time to finally catch up, talk and dream up ideas. But what I love most of all - is God's presence in the rain - and these gifts He leaves behind for us - to cherish - after the rain...

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