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happy birthday aaron!


Aaron celebrated his 32nd birthday last Friday and the kids helped me bake his favorite - double layered butter cream cake with buttercream frosting! The mixer is a lot of fun, and as soon as Ava figured out the speed she preferred, the batter was whipped to perfection - which is our secret tip for baking smooth spongy cakes.

Daddy agrees. Happy Birthday Aaron!


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  1. Birthdays are back to being fun again! It was a bit of a bummer in my late 20s knowing i was creeping up on my 30s... an age i never wondered about when i was a kid. 30? Dang thats old!

    But with kids, it brings a whole new perspective on aging and celebrating each year you get to enjoy on this earth with those you love- and those that love you. Thanks for the cake guys! It was gooooooooood!


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