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balancing act

Being a work-at-home-mom (WAHM) for the past 6 years has been a balancing act that teeters on many beams - of all shapes and sizes. My sleep schedule is proof of that. I will be the first one to admit though, that I wish I was better at it. And by better, I mean I wish I had more time in the act.

More time to fully focus on one thing. Instead, I drift into yesterday re-plays, how-to's, to-do lists, what if's, troubleshoots, and occasional "how many calories was that?" kind of moments. So there may be 5 things playing in my head, even though I'm staring at one thing.

And quite frankly - I don't think I'm alone in this. No matter how many calendars we juggle, appointments we make and lists we mark off, there is no said amount of time we think - will ever be enough spent with those we cherish so dearly. My kids are proof of that.

Instead of watching cartoons while I cleaned the kitchen yesterday, the kids offered to help me make pico de gallo. The recipe didn't call for it. But my personal guilt for letting the veggies spoil in the fridge... did. So I had to say yes. (Forget the fact that they were using sharp knives for a moment)...

Watching the tomatoes gush between Ava's fingers. Noah proudly claim how the onion didn't make him cry... my playlist playing in the background... treading lightly so I don't step on Zoe (our dog) whose waiting for scraps.... taking pictures and checking email for a clients' response...

For me, this was a handful of moments. And no matter how often I wish to have just one, right now, it's my balancing act. Like making this pico with the kids... Unexpected. All different. Tossed together. And tastes delicious.


  1. I'm so unbelievable happy to see this beautiful family on the net again! I have missed your posts zarlasht! I have lost the count how many times I have been on your blog with wishing to read a new post and yesterday I had a smile on my face!

    A BIG fan from Europe!!!

    1. Thank you so much my big fan from Europe! That was truly unexptected:) And now I have smiles all week long! I hope to read more of your comments, and maybe I will guess who you are? XOXO

    2. I'm in love with your family! I love your writings and your posts. And of course, your kids are the best namekhuda! I will try to leave more often a comment and its an honor for me every time you replay on them. You do not know me, so there is nothing to guess. I have crossed your blog because i love to read blogs, and yours is more interesting for me because you are an Afghan! I am an Afghan as well.. Wish you and your beautiful family all the best!

  2. Hey Zar! Such a nice surprise to see a post from your site pop up in my email box! Sounds like life is good (if busy) in Dallas. Instead of pico de gallo, you might want to offer your kids an alternative of Hot Cheetos and Takis - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YLy4j8EZIk. Just a thought. Not a particularly good or productive one, but a thought nonetheless.

    1. As ALWAYS Harley - you crack me up! That video was hilarious! Although... if we made a video like that, I'd say the kids would "give me my bomb pops and pocky sticks"... 'er something like that.

      I've been meaning to email you for so long - I did get your note... Hope all is well in GA!

  3. It almost doesn't seem fair at times - to be expected to be a full time parent and also juggle all of the other stuff that goes along with life. Being married to someone who can actually pull it off is an amazing thing to watch. Zarlacht has managed to find a way to give 100% of her time to her family - and still give 100% to everything else.

    Sometimes i think it is because she doesn't sleep.

    Other times i just wonder where she hides her cape, bracelets and invisible jet.

  4. I can totally relate 100%! Like you I also try to hold on to those special moments because with the lists and to do's that race through my head, I can very easy forget to enjoy the here and now with my kids.

  5. 1. I knew the kids were Mexican like me for their love of pico!
    2. Ilove love love the new kitchen. So much nicer than the old dark brown one. Aaron must of designed it. lol.

    I just plain love seeing pics of my cute little ones that are growing so fast. I just changed posltions from a high intensity unit to a weekend/holiday off unit to spend more time with my wonderful husband and family. What was so important to us in college days has gone back to what was important to us as kids.....Family.I grew up with so many memories of family parties, weekend trips with parents, playing outside with cousins, movies with mom, having grandpa pick you up for school and sneak in breakfast, and many more. Because of all those great memories with family, we change our lives to be with our family to make even more memories. Love ya, Zar! Glad to have met you at the fire pit (he he he) and chase you down while you to talked to a boy (lol). You make me proud with your accomplishments and wonderful kids. Oh yeah, Aaron too.! ha ha ha

    Love ..... SaraLee


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