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Back-to-School 2012!

Well... hello! It's been almost a year since my last post. And I'm shaking my head. So often I tell myself, "I have to blog about that!" But then the days and nights escape me (and they still do). Time hasn't slowed down at all - we just preoccupy ourselves with different things. There is so much I missed sharing here, but I'm sure those stories and photos will make their way here eventually.

At the start of school last year, we began a huge home remodel (we're still at it - more on that later). Still - there are two things that have certainly changed. A lot. The kids.

In fact, Noah started Kindergarten... and after his first week, he declared, "school is soo long."

Yes, dear Noah. It is. Way too long. 

Their new homeschool room is near completion... and I say "near" because there were several months in between "life" where there wasn't any construction going on. Right now, we're focusing on building a routine and meeting new friends. And pausing just enough to remind ourselves - how quickly - all of it moves. 

Here's to a new year! I'm looking forward to reconnecting with you :)


  1. Noah is really tall. My boy will started the first year of kindergarten next monday.

  2. Good luck with Kindergarten! It just gets harder from here!

  3. Yea, so happy to see The Art of the Family post in my inbox! Hope Ava and Noah had a wonderful first week, can't believe Noah's in Kindergarten! Love you guys!

    1. Love you more!
      Sorry to fill your inbox with all those photos... but I couldn't chooe just one. Looking forward to connecting through Art once more! I so appreciate you guys!!

  4. OMG! They're soooo grown up. I can't believe it! I looove the photos and am sooo excited The Art... is back!!! YAAAAYYYY :)

    1. Aren't they? Like weeds I tell you... weeds! Ava lost 2 bottom front teeth too! Love you guys!!

  5. Replies
    1. Blushing Bianca! I've been keeping up with your beautiful family on FB - they are growing up so fast too! Your photography is just amazing! XOXO


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