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yea! the kids are old enough to...

wash our cars!

Washing the car



Inspired by Max & Ruby (I think), Ava asked if she could wash my car today. How could I refuse? One bucket of soapy water, and the kids took care of the exterior while I vacuumed and wiped down the interior {still don't know how the car gets so dirty so quickly}... I was so tickled by this gesture, I treated the kids out to lunch... even though it was drizzling. The kids thought the rain would catch the suds they left behind... {hee-hee}.

We haven't devised an allowance system yet on which chores they should get "paid" for... because honestly, I believe kids should help out at home as much as possible {within safe and practical limits}. A & N didn't ask to be compensated for washing my car - they thought it was something "fun" to do today. Still, washing a car should probably go on the "paid chore" category...
What do you think? Which chores do your kids enjoy doing? What kind of "jobs" do your kids get to do at home to earn money?

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  1. Having your kids help you clean your car sure makes things easier. Aside from making it into a fun weekend thing, you can motivate them even more by rewarding them for their hard work.


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