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Spring is in the air, and we're having picnics... well, indoor ones. And learning kinds. The Learn the Alphabet Picnic Basket we picked up from Lakeshore Learning last year proves to still be A and N's go-to game for fun. For Ava - this game is just as fun (if not more) than having a tea party. Perhaps because of all the cute miniature pieces it comes with...

Whatever the reason - I simply love how learning is byproduct. The focus is on having fun, who can match the fastest, and yes... there even is some dramatic play.

Alphabet Picnic

"Ewww.... I don't like o is for olive..."

Alphabet Picnic

"Oh no. This ant is going to eat my little a"....

Alphabet Picnic

This is also a great beginner sound game. The kids can identify the objects - but they sound out what letter it could be. "Ketchup" - is that C or K? Noah hides the k is for ketchup, that Ava needs for her h is for hamburger....

Alphabet Picnic

Ava places the r is for rose into the v is for vase and props it in the middle of the table and declares - "This is for you Mommy. Now our picnic is ready! I'm playing on my Xylophone so you can listen to music at our picnic...."

....ahhh, love it!


  1. That sounds just like something Ava would do. Last night when I was preparing a gourmet dinner for the family (reheated leftover taco casserole), Ava was drawing instruments on little pieces of paper and taping them all around the kitchen. She said it was so we could have music in the kitchen when we were cooking.


  2. love it! Ava is too sweet - she definitely took after me :)

    I too just started an alphabet box for the kids and I am having so much fun collecting minature items. But I do love the picnic theme.

  3. Aaron - maybe our kids are hinting that we need more "live music" around the house and we should invest in a stereo system (again)!

    Wagma - that's so great. I absolutely love the alphabet box for the kids. Although A & N are older, it makes perfect sense to do with H & S. Let me know if you need any items for any letters - I'm sure I have stuff here that could contribute to x or y or z!


Thanks for sharing - I will respond to your comment here as well so check back! xo


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