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worldfest - exploring corners of the world

Worldfest 09

Worldfest is an annual global experience - celebrating the cultures and flavors that make up our community. It's a festival weekend meant for exploring, learning, and appreciating the cultural diversity that connects us to many corners of the world - as well as our past.

And that is exactly why we love bringing the kids to this festival each year. (Last year's post). It's a gentle reminder of how far our generations before us have traveled. And how much I need to continuously share my own culture with Ava and Noah - not on occasion, but in realtime - everyday. Through food... language... music... and traditional customs - which can never be learned from textbooks or hearsay - But instead from what resonates deep within them - their roots.

Of course, experiencing different cultures of our world in the way the kids embrace and experience it - is also mesmerizing.... and has me motivated to pull those passports back out, and journey east. But until we do... we're going to enjoy what we have here...

Worldfest 09

and learn about tribal necklaces from student volunteers...

Worldfest 09

and of course, make more clay pottery...

Worldfest 09

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