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changes, changes...

I took a four month break from blogging here for several reasons and have finally plugged back in [after a rocky start in April] because I missed capturing our adventures with a lens. Photojournalism is a powerful way to connect when words aren't given the time. Blogging gives us a little liberty to do both. The experiences we are having right now are all the more reason to share them as changes are happening everywhere - within ourselves, families, communities, and the world. If I can contribute just one inspiring thought or idea for families, I will have accomplished more than I set out to do at the start of all this. I can't promise a daily blog, but what I can do is share with you our creative process - of changes.

And there are infinite ways to creatively process changes. Earlier this year, we experienced a dynamic shift in our routines, like thousands of others at the cusp of the recession, when our career paths both took a detour.

For me, I gained a new consulting contract and projects are lined on my boards at home for me to tackle each time I come up for fresh air. For Aaron, his Work-from-Home Dad position was promoted to Stay-at-Home Dad, giving him and the kids an entirely new experience of bonding and routine.

It's been a roller coaster ride to say the least - but we are counting our blessings that the ride hasn't made us nauseous yet. In fact, the adrenaline is actually thrilling... and always forgiving, as we learn more about the needs and growth of our children and ourselves.


  1. It has been quite a transition... that's for sure! Back when I was laid off, it was really hard to find the silver lining, but Zarlacht and I knew there would be one. Now it is a plain as day. Aside from the job searching and studying that I still make time for every once in a while... I basically get to play all day! How great is this?

    The last few months have been a blessing for me, and they would not have happened if I was still employed. And certainly wouldn't be as fun if Zarlacht wasn't able to re-enter the workforce full time (and then some!) as quickly as she did.

    Not much to say other than we are pretty blessed.

  2. As always, I love and admire your perspectives on life! And I'm so thrilled to see you blogging again!

    Love you all so much,


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