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32 - a magical year

So... I magically turned 32 today. It's not a milestone year - although, its been feeling that way a lot lately. So much has been accomplished in this past year alone - that when I look up at my inspiration board above my desk, I get that funny feeling in my stomach - the good kind anyways.

So much to be thankful for - blessings too long to list but thank God for daily. And in this year where I have become a hermit to all of my friends - I received the most emails and phone messages wishing me a "happy day" - I was literally blown over (thanks guys!).

We retreated over to the Legacy Shopping Center in Plano, dined al fresco at Main St. Bakery where I highly recommend the Opera Bastille pastry!

32nd Birthday

Taking a walk

We took a walk around the pond... and the quick stop to the
Legacy Bookstore proved refreshing - Ava and Noah discovered they love chocolate covered sunflower seeds and strawberry-mango smoothies... and I discovered I'm smitten with this privately owned contemporary bookstore... and bought a few things.

sharing sunflower seeds

In the evening, Aaron and I went out to dinner, and then headed back to celebrate with family for the ceremonial cake. As I looked at my candles - 3 and 2, I realized that divided, they symbolize the age of my kids... a small discovery, that I can claim only once in this lifetime...

32nd Birthday

Earlier in the day, a treasured email arrived - all the way from Afghanistan, where my father relayed his birthday wishes and love for me and Noah. The note was brief and humbling... as I have never expected my Dad to remember such occassions... We always paraded our birthdays around him without warning - bringing out a cake and seeing his expression, "why didn't anyone tell me?" smile - and then turn to go put something photo-worthy on.

And yet this year, without any warning... he danced in my parade.... and lit the entire sky with fireworks just for me - on his own. 32 - is a magical year indeed... [smile].

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