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Thanksgiving 08

Every day is a blessed day. And like millions of others this Thanksgiving, we got together to celebrate us, and our growing family....This year, a special table was brought out to the dining room to sit parallel with us. Tiny blackboards with names Ava, Noah and Humzah dangled over tiny antique chairs... and little pumpkins were filled with treats of raisins, candy, and race cars for them to zoom together... without crashing into a gravy boat...

Thanksgiving 08

Thanksgiving 08

Thanksgiving 08

This holiday is meant to honor family and the memories that each of us carry heavy in our minds. And I wanted to be sure this transcended to the kids more than any other holiday.... from eating cranberries to making turkey hand-prints... from collecting fallen leaves... to pulling on a wishbone.... from cooking a variety of "once-a-year" dishes together in one kitchen... to sitting across the table with those who fill our hearts all year long...

Thanksgiving 08

Thanksgiving 08

and of course... to look back and count the many ways the year has brought us lessons, strength, love, courage, friendship, hope, trial, patience, and wonder for all the days that make life and the moments shared with family string together...


  1. Finally your back. Who got the bigger part of the wishbone? Sophia looks gorgeous Wag. Ok im gonna get back to studying see you guys in a week.

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  3. Aah - the wishbone. Turned out it was still too fresh to break. And Aaron and Roshana tugged at it back and forth. So it's still sitting on top of the kitchen counter.

    Your visit was too short over Thanksgiving! Good luck on finals and be sure to stop by for hot cocoa when you're in town for xmas break! xo!

  4. it looks like you had a blessed and fun time. i love the kids name plate idea. i just might have to borrow your idea for when ever we have a full house of little visitors.

  5. Lisa - Thanks so much for the compliment. I actually use those tiny blackboards throughout the house where I have baskets of the kids' stuff. My tiny yet fashionable way of labeling things... ya know, to help them recognize words. It seems to have worked. Ava can identify her basket labeled "Ava" because that's the first word she's learned to spell. [Thank goodness for short names.]

    We also made labels for books, shoes, music, and games. To help with the clean up effort :)

    You can find these at Pottery Barn Kids [and they come with chalk too!]

  6. it's so great to see you posting again...I look forward to your photos and stories.....oh how delicious

  7. Wow! Love the photo of the cranberries! And what a great idea the chalkboards were, I bet it made the kids feel special (my sis and I never got that at our kids’ table during the Holidays).

    Corb and I spent Thanksgiving with her side of the family this year. Mike and Robin (my brother and sister-in-law) have a cabin in Brownsville and it was so much fun spending time with the whole family out in the woods (and luckily we were able to watch the Cowboy game in Stan and Nacy’s RV)!!!

    Hope to see you all soon!

    -Dave (who won the wishbone wish?)

  8. I can just feel the warmth and love in your family when I look at these photos!

  9. Deb - it's so good to be back... and on my 3 hours of sleep a night schedule!

    This happens in phases, and I find myself reshifting the hours to make up for the challenges that come along unexpectedly.

    It's funny how even with some time passing, my mind and body knew how much I missed posting on this blog... taking pictures... and connecting with friends... Which is why I worked on the posts until 4:30 am before starting on a client's project...

    Priorities... WE all should get to decide the order. Life is too fleeting to not do so! :)


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