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democracy is as easy as triangles and squares

Election Day '08 is finally here and last night over some American fried steak, we decided to let the kids in on the big deal.

It went over pretty well. There weren't any questions, and during a practice poll, only one voter asked to change their vote after the election was over. It's funny how confusing politics can be and yet when you find yourself explaining it to a 2 year old, politics isn't that hard at all.

Here's how it went down in our house last night:

Do you like triangles or squares better?

Now kids, you have to have a good reason why because you have to stand by it and support your choice for 4 years. That's a loooong time. So think about all the reasons why you like triangles - and the same for squares. Think about the things you use everyday and the kind of shapes they have. Are there more triangles or square shapes? It's hard to remember... let's make a list...

Alright. Now, come to the polling station and draw or pick your favorite shape. Some people like to concentrate with privacy and use a booth...

Practice Poll Voting

And some people like to share their choice and talk about it with other people who like the same shape. They get together and think of new ideas of how their favorite shape can be used to improve things.

Practice voting

But either way, the most important thing is that you have a choice or in this process - a vote. Now, let's add it all up and see how many votes each shape received. Look there are two triangles - so triangles win the contest.

Wait a sec - who put in this circle?

voting independent


  1. Diversity, baby. That's why the circle was there...
    Let's hope that the people in the United States think of all the people in the world. Because your vote will affect all of us!
    (See where I'm heading?)
    I loved this post, it's funny, quotidien, and deep.

  2. Thanks for the love Julie - you are such a mindful parent who gets it! It really is a turning point in all of our lives - and to throw in a circle like that... really made things interesting...

  3. Freedom of choice is a great thing and I'm glad to see you instilling that thought process in Ava and Noah. And throwing them a "curve" ball was genius!

  4. What a terrific idea to do with the kids - Humzah was confused why we were watching a bunch of screaming people on tv - I must add that my faith in our democracy is restored and my the promise of opportunity for our children is shining bright. Who knows - maybe Humzah can be the first muslim president - but that will have to come after he wins his first World Soccer Cup - ofcourse!

  5. Zarlacht, you are such an amazing spirit. I wanna be one of your kids!


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