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dream big - inspirational read

Dream Big

Earlier this year, a publicist contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing a children's book written by Kristi Yamaguchi. To be honest, I thought it was spam, but I couldn't delete that email. It turned out to be true - Yamaguchi was releasing her first children's picture book this Spring. A few weeks later, the book arrived - and I can't even begin to tell you the irony for what this means to me personally, as well as how I hope this will help teach and instill in my kids to - always dream big...

That's what inspired this sign I put up in the kids' bathroom. To read this message every time they wash their hands, and when they brush their teeth morning and night - so that they would start and end their day knowing that there's still so much more... that the impossible is a figure of speech, and that anything that is imaginable, is as real as they are.

Visit our reading corner for a book review of Dream Big Little Pig, a wonderful new book that I've had the fortune to read with my children...

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