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fall is here! well... sort of.

Sleeping in

Fall is officially here... even though we still have our AC on... and it's still in the high 80s, the kids and I are so happy that fall is here... which means the kids and I get to snuggle a little bit longer in our bed, and wake up to sweet potato pancakes!

Sweet Potato Pancakes

It's a simple recipe I got from Deceptively Delicious, where pureed sweet potato intensifies their nutritional value of a maple syrup saturated breakfast. Add a dash of pumpkin spice and even our mouths are welcoming fall!

Too sweet

Sweet Potato Pancakes

And Ava of course asks at breakfast, "can we go collect fallen leaves now?" And I have to explain to her unfortunately that being in the south just makes our seasons complicated. Fall is too short of a season for us to enjoy - where here, we can expect it to drop 20 degrees overnight, any day now... so she asks if she can go swimming instead. Not a bad idea...


Welcome fall - although you are technically here, we can't wait to feel you...


  1. OOOhhhh! Those pancakes sound wonderful! What a great post-Thanksgiving breakfast idea!

    Thank you for the great recipe, Zarlacht!


    ps Can't wait to see my favorite fam ;)

  2. Beautiful!! i love they way you write. And I loved the pictures, I cant wait to hold Ava and Noah's hands and pick up the fall leaves.

  3. 3 days later and a 20 degree drop in temperature.... I think Fall is here.

    Good bye A/C. Hello hot chocolate!


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