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deck the halls... literally

I don't know how I do it (okay I do, but...), I somehow managed to collect "things" here and there each season. Which gave me all the more reason to create little vignettes of the holiday spirit around our home...

Beginning with the front door and entry way - Where xmas photocards hang from a tree branch, and wooden German ornaments adorn this washed up cabinet...

Happy Holidays!



And a Dutch village warms up the family room...


Along with nutcrackers standing by on a silver cake stand...


and a toy soldier snickering beneath a shade...


The formal was decked with formal ornaments - including faux eggs dangling from the chandelier... and an artificial tree gripping onto glass ornaments hanging with dear life...

Holiday Party5




Unlike the family of rabbits frolicking over an old piano...


Our china hutch honors a reindeer...


and angels sit overhead the children's writing table in the breakfast room...

Children's Table

It's been so much fun seeing the place transform for the holidays - and even more fun when Ava actually rearranges figurines with me and calls it "decorating with mom" or to simply put - to avoid bedtime...

But I'll be honest - it did get overwhelming - and I was tempted to toss all of it onto ebay... but then I realized, that it's these cold months that will keep us indoors for awhile, and there's no other place to adorn such knick knacks and special finds collected over the years - to bring back old memories and also new ones as we cozy up for the winter...


  1. Zarlacht, your creativity and eye for detail never ceases to amaze me! I LOVE all of the holiday vingettes, so warm and magical!

  2. Well I am glad you collect this and that, because it all looks beautiful. Though I gotta say, I am also guilty as charged...I love to collect, but I also LOVE LOVE LOVE to decorate for the holidays.

    Glad to hear you had a wonderful holiday.

  3. Thanks so much Corbin! One of my favorite lessons from a dear friend who decorates her home right out of a design book - is to "buy what you love." And I think that's what I've done over time - buying stuff that I absolutely loved. (Ok, I'm guilty of sometimes buying not so lovely items just to fill a space - but you get the idea). Still, the vignettes turned out better than I expected on tables and corners we pass by every day. Sitting in the room moves everything closer - I'm one to love space - but then there really is something magical about being surrounded by things you love.... which makes the place feel like "home" - XO!

  4. Thanks Lisa! You are too sweet!! I need to spend some time on your blog - I saw some beautiful handmade items you've crafted - and swooned! You're soo talented.

    A little confession - I also collect stuff to make things - but some how - they are still on their shelves - folded over one another. I have this fear that if I use my "favorite" fabric to create one thing - I'll regret it down the road and which I had it to make this new thing that inspired me. Isn't that crazy? So in essence - I haven't been able to make anything at all.

    (Sigh) What a dilema! Always love your blog - thanks Lisa!


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