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decorating for the holidays

Because I'm usually behind in decorating for the holidays, this year I asked Aaron to bring down the xmas decorations from the attic along with the fall Thanksgiving decor... so naturally that spawned to spending an evening unraveling the artificial tree and ornaments from years past...

Getting Ready for Xmas

Getting Ready for Xmas

Ava so enjoyed going through the ornaments - while Noah picked through the fall arrangement of flowers on the table - she unwrapped each individual ornament, tucked tight in tissue paper, as if each one was a gift... and it was. Bringing back memories of how they came a part of our collection, and sharing those stories with the kids.

Getting Ready for Xmas

Christmas Decorating

We decked the formal living area with fragile pieces, and saved the wooden ones for our fresh tree we pick out the day after Thanksgiving...

Within one night, our living space transformed into a holiday spectacle, and we made hot cocoa to celebrate and welcome the festive days ahead.

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