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eid mubarak!

Eid Mubarak {blessed festival} to all of you! Eid fell on Sunday this year - after 30 days of focusing on our faith and patience - bringing us all closer together as a family, community, and around the world. Traditionally, Eid is celebrated for three days, where children gather among their elders, and a celebration of family encircles us all...

Visiting Grandparents




It was a festivities of gifts from family all around - each bag revealing a new activity the kids couldn't wait to dig into - especially the candy. We joke that really, that's all the kids would want since candy isn't an every day norm for them. But still, we couldn't help but give each child a toy embracing their characters now - like binoculars and a safari view finder for Hamazah who loves everything wild in the jungle... a tu-tu and pink glittery slippers for Ava who loves to twirl... cars and trains that make Noah zoom even in his sleep... and a new doll and books for baby Sophia...





Their calendar chain didn't survive the 30 days [mental note, use a poster calendar next year. Ava & Noah thought Eid would get here faster if they ripped off more loops off the chain!] but come Sunday morning, they were ready to enjoy the celebration of joyful living, new beginnings, and family...



From our family to yours - Eid Mubarak!


  1. Looks like you all had a fun celebration! Great pics, Sofia is growing so fast!

    Miss you all and hope to see you soon!

    Much love,

  2. Ahhh, sorry, I spelled Sophia wrong!

  3. I loved the picture of Ava and Hamza ...like always, thank you for capturing such a special day for all of us.


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